Australian Missing Persons Register           

                                      QLD Missing Persons - Adult Male












                Hamish Edward ROBINSON                   






       Francis Patrick FOLEY photo                


                                      CHARLIE, Johnathon Brendon





                                                          Butler, Jeffrey Trevor                  


                                                                2000 to 2005




             Hugo Julcher photo                                 



  Brian HEAD  (Photo unavailable)

Iain HOGG  (Photo unavailable)

Bevin & Brad SIMMONDS  (Photos unavailable)





Frederick Donald BAMBOO                                               
















Paul ARROWSMITH  (Photo unavailable)



                   Marko Jekic photo                                            























 - Tragically located deceased

Gatehouse - Tragically located deceased

- Tragically located deceased



 If you have seen any of the people on these pages please call Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000

or the National Missing Persons Co-ordination Centre on 1800 000 634

I can be contacted by e mail -

or phone - 0422 341 955 but if you have information relating to a missing person please call Police on the numbers above.


*Please note - if you find someone on my website who you know has been located PLEASE contact me so I can remove them!


Missing stats

Each year 4700 people are reported missing in Queensland

99.5% of Queensland’s missing are found

260 people are on the QLD Police long-term missing register which dates back to 1970