Robert Deric GRAYSON & Derek Wade VAN DERPOEL

Above - Derek Van Derpoel

On 8 August 1994, Robert Deric GRAYSON, 26 years, was reported missing to Gladstone Police.

On 2 September 1994, his companion Derek Wade VAN DERPOEL, 23 years, was reported missing to Calliope Police. At the time of their disappearance the pair were involved, with another person, in share-cropping in the Kroombit Ranges. They were last seen alive in May 1993 in Gladstone. It is strongly suspected that the pair have met with foul play. Any member of the public with information which could assist Police is asked to contact Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000

Cold case from 1994 reopens


SCOTT Moon may have seen an episode or two of Cold Case on television, but it doesn't get any more real than his present job.

Scott is the officer-in-charge of Rockhampton police's CIB branch and is one of two policemen, based at the city's station, who are central to a cold case that has been reopened in Central Queensland.

A reward of $250,000 is offered for information which leads to the conviction of those responsible for the disappearance and suspected murder of Robert Deric Grayson and Derek Wade Van Derpoel who went missing nearly 20 years ago.

The pair was involved, with another person, in share-cropping in the Kroombit Tops, about 85km south-west of Gladstone, and were last seen alive in May 1993.

On August 8, 1994, Mr Grayson, 26, was reported missing to Gladstone police.

On September 2, 1994, his companion Mr Van Derpoel, 23, was reported missing to Calliope police.

Detective Senior Sergeant Moon said information from a phone call several months ago prompted a review of the file and the case was now officially reopened.

He said further information from witnesses supported the theory the pair met with foul play. However, he didn't detail the information.

Det Snr Sgt Moon, who has a background in solving old crimes, is being supported by Inspector Tony Wood, also based out of Rockhampton, who had the lead role in the initial investigation.

"People should come forward without fear," Det Snr Sgt Moon said.

"If you were afraid then, there's no need to be now.

"It is often the smallest piece of information that can make all the difference."

Anyone with information should call 1800 333 000.

Hope for $250K reward to spark cold case clues

By Stephanie Fitzpatrick


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Police are urging more people to come forward with information about the disappearance and suspected murder of two men near Gladstone, almost 20 years ago.

Robert Deric Grayson, 26, and Derek Wade Van Derpoel, 23, vanished while crop sitting in the Kroombit Tops area in September 1994.

Rockhampton officer-in-charge Scott Moon says evidence suggests the men met with "foul play".

Queensland police are offering a $250,000 reward for those with information that leads to the arrest or conviction of those involved.

Sergeant Moon says police have only received one telephone call since the cold case reopened last week.

"We have received one telephone call that confirmed information that we already knew but other than that, as I've stated previously, there are many challenges involved in cold case investigations, and that's the memories of people," he said.

"So at this stage we've only received one phone call but we're hoping to get more information in.

"Well clearly somebody knows what happened to them and that's what our investigation is about, to solve the mystery as to what happened with both people.

"It is a challenge, particularly with the time that has passed and with any cold case they are difficult investigations but what we do hope is that people do come forward and without fear."

The Observer (Gladstone, Australia)

Dad Fears He Will Never Know Truth

Byline: Amy Glass

AMBROSE father Vic Grayson has been waiting 16 years for news of his missing son.

The wait never gets easier.

Robert Grayson, 25, disappeared in 1993, along with Derek Van Derpoel.

The men were last seen in Kroombit Tops National Park, near the location of a cannabis crop they were reportedly watching over.

The men are believed to have been murdered between May and June 1993, but their bodies have never been found and police have never publicly revealed their suspicions on the exact fate of the two men.

Speaking to The Observer yesterday, Mr Grayson said he was beginning to lose hope that he would ever know what happened to Robert.

"There are people who know what went on for sure, but they are too frightened to speak out," he said.

"I'd like to have hope but the more time goes on, the more I think I probably won't ever know the truth."

Robert would be 41-years-old now, he said.