• On March 11, 2002, Iain Hogg from Currumbin was reported missing by his mother. His car was driven to an address at Mount Nathan on March 14 where 70-year-old Fredrick Rosson, also known as Charles Johnston, was later found murdered.

The body of Iain Hogg has not yet been recovered. Police believe that the same person is responsible for Mr Hogg’s disappearance and suspected murder and the murder of Mr Rosson.

Thursday, May 9, 2002. Posted: 11:14:36 (AEDT) - ABC
New clues in double murder mystery released

Detectives trying to solve an apparent double murder on the Gold Coast have released details of another piece of the puzzle.

Sunglasses, a beanie and a bronze necklace, thought to be stolen, have been found in a car that is central to both cases.

The damaged red Celica sedan belongs to missing Currumbin liquor store manager Iain Hogg, who has not been seen since March 10.

It was sighted at a hinterland property where 70-year-old Charles Johnston was killed four days later.

Detective Inspector Jim Keogh has asked anyone who is missing such property or who knew Mr Hogg to come forward.

"We really have to try and tie down as much of the background of Mr Hogg so we can learn a bit more about who he may have associated with up to his time of disappearance," he said.