Danny Charles  WALKER



Name: Danny Charles WALKER
Last seen: February 2008 in Mackay
Year of Birth: 1969
Sex: Male
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Black
Height: 198cm 
Build: Medium
Complexion: Fair
Circumstances: Danny was last seen by estranged family in February 2008 after claiming he was going Mackay to find work. He was driving a Maroon 1985 Subaru Wagon. He has not been seen since.

Danny was last seen in Mackay on the 21/05/08 and spoke to family members by phone a few days later, indicating he may travel to Tasmania in a maroon Subaru Sports wagon. He is believed to be accompanied by his dog "Coffee" and the vehicle may have a trailer attached. Danny has a large extended family, all of whom are extremely concerned for his welfare, as none of them have heard from him since late May 2008.