KearneyJm.png Missing man Jesse Kearney, 28, was naked and confused when he was last seen.

Name: KEARNEY. Jesse
Last seen: 19 February 2015
Year of Birth: 1986
Sex: Male
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Height: 185 cm
Build: Slim
Complexion: Fair
Circumstances: 28-year-old Jesse Kearney, who was last seen on Thursday February 19 in Golf Course Estate, Tamborine Mountain. A man, similar in description, was seen behaving unusually and jumping in front of vehicles in Golf Course Estate around 9pm that evening. Extensive patrols by police failed to locate the man. This man was wearing jeans and nothing else. Police hold concerns for Mr Kearney’s wellbeing as he has not contacted family or friends since Thursday evening.


Missing son last seen naked and confused in stranger’s Tamborine Mountain home

A MOTHER has made an emotional appeal for information regarding the whereabouts of her son as bizarre details have emerged about the last time he was seen.

A witness has told The Courier-Mail he found Jesse Kearney, 28, in his kitchen standing naked and covered in dirt on February 19, shortly after he left his friend’s house.

Russell Hansford, 65, said he had been watching television with his wife Teena when he heard a back door open to their Golf Course Estate property just after 8pm. It was just over an hour after Mr Kearney’s friend had seen him walking down the street after he had visited their Tamborine Mountain residence.

“As I was coming down the hallway I saw a naked man standing there,” Mr Hansford said. “He’d picked up two hats from the hat stand and was wearing them on his head.

“When I looked closely, he had bits of dirt and sticks all over him. His arm was bruised and he was badly scratched.”

Mr Hansford described the man’s demeanour as skittish and anxious, but said he was never threatening. However he did demand the couple’s car keys because he claimed “people were chasing him”.

“I told him I couldn’t talk to him while he was naked, so I went to get him some jeans and a shirt,” Mr Hansford said.

The man accepted the new clothes, but fled out the back door towards thick scrubland before he was fully dressed.

Mr Kearney’s mother Joanne Nicholson yesterday appealed for information to help locate her son. Inspector Pat Swindells said police did not believe drugs or foul play were involved. But he said they held concerns for Mr Kearney because surrounding terrain was quite treacherous.

“It’s mountainous-type area with lots of escarpments, waterfalls and very thick bushland,” Insp Swindell said. “We’ve used the resources of the police dog squad, PolAir and the State Emergency Service (SES) to assist us in the search. However, at this stage we’ve been unsuccessful in locating Jesse.”

Police urge anyone who might have information to contact Crimestoppers.

Jesse Kearney's family pleads for information about disappearance


It has been a fortnight since Jesse Kearney has been seen, but his family and the police remain hopeful the 28-year-old is still alive.

Mr Kearney was last seen about 7pm on Thursday, February 19, at Tamborine Mountain.

Extensive searches have so far come up with no sign of Mr Kearney, who was said to be in an agitated state when last spotted at the Golf Course Estate.

Mr Kearney's mother, Joanne Nicholson, made an emotional plea for information of her son's whereabouts.

"Our family is devastated by the disappearance of Jesse," she said.

Ms Nicholson said Mr Kearney had disappeared from a friend's home "in the pouring rain" at the Golf Course Estate.

"Please, if anybody has even the slightest inkling or idea of where Jesse is, please for the sake of his family, friends and me, his mother, please call the police or Crime Stoppers anonymously," she said.

"Please help us."

Logan Police Inspector Pat Swindells Logan District said they were "very concerned" about Mr Kearney's safety, but held out hope Mr Kearney was still alive.

"We believe he may just be lost in the bushland there," he said.

Divers had searched local waterholes and dams, Inspector Swindells said, but had come up with nothing.

"It's a mountainous type area with a lot of escarpments, waterfalls and very thick bushland," he said.

"We've been utilising the resources of the police dog squad, PolAir (the police helicopter) and the State Emergency Service to assist us in the search."

Inspector Swindells said Mr Kearney was "walking around very distressed" when he was last seen and conceded police had no idea what had happened to him.

"We are very concerned for his safety and whereabouts and we are appealing to all members of the public if they can assist us to have any idea of where Jesse may be," he said.

Anybody with information was asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Police, SES resume search for missing man Jesse Kearney on Tamborine Mountain: Photos


- Beaudesert Times

HOPES for closure in the case of missing man Jesse Kearney were put on hold when a mass-scale land search did not turn up any new items on Saturday.

Mr Kearney, 28, has been missing since February 19 when he was last seen about 7pm in Golf Course Estate, Tamborine Mountain after visiting friends.

On Saturday crews went in with renewed hope of finding the remains of Mr Kearney or items leading to him because a pair of his blue and white shorts were found at the base of cliffs in the search area on July 4.

Jeans and a mobile phone belonging to Mr Kearney had also been found near the golf course within days of him being reported missing.

Police and about 60 SES members from Scenic Rim, Logan, Brisbane, Redlands, Gold Coast and Ipswich units resumed the search on Saturday, making their base at a kiwi fruit plantation across from the golf course.

Their ongoing efforts were spurred on by the persistent pleas of Mr Kearney's mother Joanne Nicholson, who has phoned police nearly every day since her son's disappearance.

Before Saturday the search had been hampered by access issues, with wet weather often making steep terrain at the top of the cliffs too dangerous to traverse.

Police and SES crews made the most of some dry weather in June and July, doing several land searches of the area before finding the shorts at the base of the cliff.

Beaudesert Detective Sergeant Darren Ward said the July 4 discovery had given fresh hope to the search because it gave police an idea of where Mr Kearney may have gone.

He said it was disappointing there was no good news from the search on Saturday and another search would be scheduled in coming weeks.

Tamborine Mountain Acting Sergeant Brendan Edwards said police were determined to find Mr Kearney.

"We want to find him and bring all of this to rest, especially for his mum who contacts us almost daily," he said.

"It's been very stressful for her and it's impacting on all of us."

To report information phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Tamborine Mountain search for Jesse Kearney scaled back

POLICE are scaling back a search for a man missing on Tamborine Mountain since February after nothing was found in the latest search on Sunday.

Jesse Kearney, 28, was last seen in Golf Course Estate, Tamborine Mountain on the night of February 19 after visiting friends.
On Sunday about 50 police and SES members searched the base of cliffs near the golf course on Tamborine Mountain but did not find anything.
It followed a mass-scale search of the cliff face and surrounding area in August.
Detective Sergeant Darren Ward said the search would be wound down.
“We’ve basically covered our whole search area now so we’ll be scaling back the search and the whole matter will go before the coroner, who will determine if there needs to be an inquest,” he said.

“It’s still being treated as a missing person case, believing the missing person is now deceased by misadventure.”

He said he would take a small team of police in for one final search in coming weeks before preparing a report for the coroner.

To report information phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000