Australian Missing Persons Register 

                   WESTERN AUSTRALIA MISSING PERSONS -  Adult Male
















Thomas Levinge (photo unavailable)


                                                           2005 - 2010



    Simon BRAZIER    Spider GADUBIDI     John MORAN         Noel ACTON         Ross O'CONNELL  



    Antonio POPIC


Missing man Kevin Miller                   

Kevin MILLER         Randolph LITTLE           Winston CHAVEZ



Barry JESSEN   (Photo unavailable)



                                             2000 to 2004 

     Simon Gurrier Jones, last seen at Cocklebiddy Road House, Eyre Highway, Cocklebiddy, WA                                                  Photo of Christopher Robert Bodney                 

     Simon Gurrier Jones    Shayne GALLAGER    Jason LAWSON     Wayne DREWETT    Christopher BODNEY      Ronald O'BRIEN         Jason GRILL

Christen FOGARTY  


                                                             1994 to 1999   



                                                             1983 to 1993






                             Cold Cases - Pre - 2000


(William) Maddison FRENCH   Nicola LA FALCE    Neville ARCHER      Michael TAYLOR    Peter GUIDERA      Gregory Holmes    


   Richard MILGIN     Brian DUFFY       Brian WELLINGTON        Robert KLEM      Desmond CARR     John QUINN                   


  Phillip COLOMBERA             Ikafo-ao KAVAEFIAFI     Grant RODGERS   Teodor MASTIHUBA


    Alistair STONE           Peter BUTT       Paul MURPHY         Mark CUNNINGHAM              Bradley ANDERSON


If you have seen any of the people on these pages please call Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000, or the National Missing Persons Co-ordination Centre on 1800 000 634, or your local Police.


I can be contacted by e mail - or phone - 0422 341 955 but if you have any information about any missing person please contact Police on the numbers above.


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