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11 January2012


WA Police are seeking the whereabouts of a 66 year old Boulder man, who was last seen at a

local hotel late Tuesday evening 3 January, 2012.

Charles Park was reported missing to police on Friday 6 January, 2012 and his current

whereabouts are unknown.

Mr Park has not accessed any of his bank accounts and neither his family nor his associates

have heard from him.

A forensic examination of his house is currently underway; and in conjunction with information provided to police, there are grave concerns for his welfare.

Mr Park requires ongoing medication for a non-serious medical condition and his failure to contact family or friends is out of character.

The Major Crime Division in partnership with the Goldfields Esperance Police District and Forensic Division are investigating the disappearance of Mr Park and require the

assistance of the local and wider community in this matter. Anyone with information about Mr Park or has knowledge of

his whereabouts is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800333000.


Fears held for missing Kalgoorlie miner Charlie Park

POLICE suspect missing Boulder man Charlie Park may have fallen victim to foul play as detectives ramp up their hunt to find him.

Mr Park, 66, was last seen 10pm on Tuesday, January 3 when left the Recreation Hotel in Boulder and walked home with a work colleague.

Police say they have grave concerns for his welfare and the disappearance is out of character.

PerthNow understands that police concerns for Mr Park's welfare were heightened when the missing man's dog, known to be a beloved companion, was found alone at home.

It is believed detectives are also trying to determine whether anything has been stolen from Mr Park's Richardson St home, including the whereabouts of a wheelie bin believed missing from the property.

``We have serious concerns for his welfare, grave concerns given this is out of character for him and his friends and family have not spoken to himi,'' Detective Senior Sergeant Rod Wilde told PerthNow.

``We are conducting a forensic investigation at his premises given the fact that he hasn't been in contact with his family and hasn't touched his bank accounts in this time.''

Det Sen-Sgt Wilde declined to comment on a possible motive, but he said Mr Park was a regular at the Recreation Hotel and was well-known to staff.

Major Crime detectives have travelled to Kalgoorlie to assist Kalgoorlie detectives in their investigation.

Meanwhile, locals have set up a Facebook page in a desperate bid to find Mr Park, a miner who is described as being of good health.

``Still no news of Charlie's whereabouts,'' one post read on Monday. ``Can everyone please pause today and send your silent thoughts to his family?''

``They are so worried and the fear of the unknown is worse kind of fear...Even the smallest bit of information could be what brings the family the answers they are desperately waiting for.''

Anyone with information about Mr Park's disappearance is urged to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Boulder man's disappearance 'out of the ordinary'

Aja Styles- WA Today
January 11, 2012

Kalgoorlie detectives hold "grave fears" that a missing Boulder man may have been the victim of foul play.

Major crime and forensic investigators are in Kalgoorlie to help local detectives, who say that the disappearance of 66-year-old miner Charlie Park is out of character.

"We hold grave fears for Mr Park's welfare sine no one has heard or seen from him since January 3rd. He's not been in touch with family or friends, which is highly unusual," Detective Inspector Rod Wilde said.

"We hold concerns for his welfare since it's out of character for him and we don't believe he's just wandered off and can't be found."

Mr Park has also not accessed any of his bank accounts.

A Facebook page dedicated to finding Mr Park also said it was "out of the ordinary" for Mr Park to disappear.

He was last seen on Tuesday night last week after walking home from the Recreation Hotel with a friend.

The 66-year-old father, and grandfather, has lived in Boulder for a great many years, with many people posting their concerns on the dedication page.

One person wrote: "This is such a shock to everyone who knows Charlie he is a man of habit and everyone knows that he often spoke to us at the pub and even offered his home to me a few yrs ago as a safe haven if I needed it, a man with a heart of gold.

"Always a polite customer and a funny bugger too we are all waiting to hear that your ok Charlie just wish there was more we could do to help.

"Our hearts are with his family at this time. Stay safe mate hurry home xx"

The page creator reassured concerned locals that police's stepped up efforts were procedural.

"At this stage the forensics is a formality with any suspicious missing person. Charlie is still missing," they posted.

"Please consider the family is very anxious and as soon as something is known I am sure they will let everyone know.

"For now can I ask that you keep them in your thoughts and consider they may need some private time to gather their thoughts.

"They appreciate all your comments of concerns and on behalf of the family I would like to thank everyone who has commented and sent hopes and wishes their way."


Foul play suspected in missing man case

Posted January 15, 2012 12:31:20 - ABC

Police in Kalgoorlie-Boulder have today stationed a mobile facility in Boulder in an effort to gather new information about missing man, Charles Park.

Mr Park has not been seen since he entered his Richardson Street home on the 3rd of January and police suspect foul play.

The mobile facility will be set up at the corner of Burt and Lane streets in Boulder.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police.

Police fear for missing Boulder man

JULIE-ANNE SCOTT, SAM TOMLIN and LUKE ELIOT, The West Australian January 16, 2012, 6:10 am

Detectives set up a mobile police office near a Kalgoorlie-Boulder market yesterday in a bid for information on the disappearance of 66-year-old Charlie Park.

Mr Park was last seen entering his house in Richardson Street, Boulder, about 10.20pm on Tuesday, January 3, after walking home from the Recreation Hotel. Since then, he has not used his bank accounts and none of his family and friends has heard from him.

Last week, forensic experts examined his home as major crime squad investigators joined local detectives to establish what happened to Mr Park.

Police at the mobile police office on Burt Street, near the Boulder markets, said Mr Park was well known in the area.

"We have had many locals coming up to us today chatting about their relationship with Mr Park and wanting to know if there was new information," one officer said.

Mr Park lives with a housemate, but that person was away when he disappeared.

Mr Park requires medication and his disappearance is out of character.

There were reports of a wheelie bin and two pillows missing from his home, and that his dog was dehydrated when worried friends and family went to check on him.

Mr Park's daughter Kristy said last week the family of five children and 13 grandchildren were holding together.

"We're all fairly cut-up at the moment - it's a devastating thing to happen to us," Ms Park said. "He's just not the type of person this sort of thing happens to."

Mr Park, a fitter, moved to Boulder in 1980.

Family pleads for missing man clues

Posted January 19, 2012 13:49:36 - ABC


The brother-in-law of a missing man from Western Australia's Goldfields says his family is desperate for some answers.

Charles Park, 66, who has been living in Boulder for more than 30 years, has not been seen since January 3.

Late yesterday afternoon, police and the State Emergency Service conducted a search of bushland near his Boulder home, in the hope of finding further clues about Mr Park's mysterious disappearance.

Mr Park's brother-in-law, Bob Gregory, says the family wants to know what has happened to their much-loved relative.

"At the moment we are just sticking all together and just try and comfort each other.. all we want is Charlie back and then we can deal with that side of things ... we need closure on this," he said.

Mr Gregory says he believes something sinister has happened.

"Oh completely out of character, going back to his dog, you know he was that close to his dog. He wouldn't leave it for 24 hours," he said.

"Like I said now it's the 15th day ... I suspect foul play."

The cruel reality for Charlie Park's family

LITTLE Kahyl Penn does not understand where his beloved grandad is.

He still visits his house, wonders why they can no longer pick grapes together and tries to comprehend the fact that he may never see him again.

It's a cruel reality for a three-year-old.

Charlie Park, 66, was last seen on Tuesday, January 3 when he left the Recreation Hotel in the goldfields town of Boulder and walked home with a work colleague about 10pm.

His friend bid him farewell at the front gate, but there has been no trace of the loving father-of-five since.

His bank accounts have not been touched and his family is mystified. Detectives believe certain locals are withholding vital information that will help solve the case.

As Major Crime detectives returned to Kalgoorlie-Boulder this week to continue their investigation, Mr Park's daughter, Kylie, described the torment of not knowing what had happened to her father.

She accepts it is unlikely he will be found alive and acknowledges the cold-hard reality that police are now looking for a body.

But she cannot fathom why.

``I just can't understand how this has happened,'' Ms Park said.

``He was 66 - what sort of threat was he to anybody? He was working, he was enjoying life and having a drink as he always had.

``I don't understand who's done it to Dad and I don't know why. You don't know if you're standing next to them in a shop. It's just really horrible.

``My children don't quite understand why they don't get to see grandad anymore. We have told them that we think someone has gone and hurt him and we don't know where he is.

``My littlest boy, he's three, he'll say: `My grandad, my mum's Charlie, is dead' and it's really confronting and hard to hear a child talk like that.''

By all accounts, Mr Park was a hard-working, knockabout, larrikin bloke. He enjoyed few beers and a yarn with mates at local Boulder pubs and his family did not know him to have enemies.

Concerns for Mr Park's welfare were heightened three days after he was last seen alive when his collie dog, Laddie, was found alone at home severely dehydrated. He was later euthanised.

``You always feel like you are looking for him, especially not knowing what's happened or where he is,'' Ms Park said.

``I feel really cheated that we've lost him the way we have.

``If someone's sick and they're going to pass away you tell them how much they meant to you. But when they are just snatched from you feel like you didn't tell them enough.''

Ms Park said she had been on holiday in Kalbarri when her father returned from a trip to Sydney.

``He said he'd see me when I got back and to have a good holiday,'' Ms Park recounted. But she never saw him again.

Ms Park said it had been especially difficult having to return to her father's empty home to collect the mail.

``It's horrible that you go there knowing you're not going to see him,'' she said. ``I went there around Easter time and I knew that he wasn't there but I called out: `Dad, are you here Dad?' just hoping he might be.''

Ms Park said small-town rumours about her father's disappearance, including that his body had been burnt and that he was dumped in a mineshaft, had only compacted her grief.

``We just feel like we want his body back so we can put him to rest, so we have somewhere to go and mourn and sit down with a beer and say: `How you going Dad?','' she said.

``Whoever took Dad's life, also took a piece of our lives.''

In the days before his return from Sydney, Mr Park's house and his regular haunt, the Rec Hotel, were daubed with derogatory graffiti . While details of the graffiti have not been released publicly, his family maintains it was unsubstantiated and designed to discredit him.

Homicide detectives have also called for public help to find a blue and yellow recycling bin missing from Mr Park's home. They also believe bedding, his phone and clothing were taken.

``Police believe there is a person or people in the community that know what happened to Charlie Park and are reluctant to come forward,'' Detective Senior Sergeant James Bradley said.

``Again, we call on them to come forward. They can contact Crime Stoppers anonymously, but the information is critical to this investigation.''

*Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. Information can be given anonymously and rewards of up to $1000 are offered for information leading to an arrest.