Date of birth: 1967
Hair: Blonde
Build: Slim
Height: 190cm
Eyes: Blue
Complexion: Fair
Peculiarities: Mark suffers from an arthritic condition that can cause him to have 'shakes'. Has a slight limp and favours right leg.

Mark Cunningham has been missing from his home address in Casuarina, WA since 28 October 1999. He left home at about 10pm driving a beige 1977 Falcon station wagon registered number XXB357. Mark was wearing dark blue Levi jeans, red chequered shirt, black 'T' Shirt and black boots. Despite extensive inquiries by police and family his whereabouts are not known. Concern is held for his safety and welfare.

If anyone has seen Mark Edward CUNNINGHAM , or has information regarding this persons whereabouts, please contact 1800 333 000