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                      NEW SOUTH WALES MISSING PERSONS -  Adult Female













                                                                             Merry FAUSTD             Sylvia PAJUCZOK                                    


                                                            2000 to 2005




       I Hsiu LAI             Maureen MATTERSON           Louisa WAWN                         Kellie AnnCARMICHAEL      


       Passy REYES     Amber HAIGH       Kylie LABOUCHARDIERE         Annette GREEN         Aruna VERMA            Lateesha NOLAN                Rose HOWELL 

                                   Missing person, Julieanne Beyerleft        

         Kylee-ann SCHAFFER     Janine VAUGHAN      Niamh MAYE       Michelle MILLS                          Julie BEYER                     Finau TOUTAIOLEPO


        Thelma REID           Iris BRAIDWOOD




  Louise BRIAN     Elizabeth BARLOW     Kerry WHELAN                                                           Talei PLESS              Lisa FLANAGAN        Carole EVANS


        Eileen KING                  Belinda PEISLEY                     Judith YOUNG                             Bernadette DONALDSON 






        Revelle BALMAIN     Tracey VALESINI  Yvonne BARNET     Anne GELL    Pamela DAWSON    Carmen VERHEYDEN                Jola GESELLE 


         Mary QUY   Yan Xiao HUA                Ann-Marie YOUNG        Jun REN                     Karen GILBODY   Valerie HOWELL     Merrilyn MELLON     Pauline SOWRY

    Bronwyn WINFIELD









   Lynette DAWSON        Bernadette MATTHEWS         Jennifer SMITH                   June DOYLE                             




    Susan KIELY               Jaki-lee WALSH                  Roxlyn BOWIE














                Margaret REDMAN (Photo unavailable)



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If you have seen any of the people on these pages please call Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000, or the National Missing Persons Co-ordination Centre on 1800 000 634, or your local Police.


I can be contacted by e mail - or phone - 0422 341 955 but if you have any information about any missing person please contact Police on the numbers above.


*Please note - if you find someone on my website who you know has been located PLEASE contact me so I can remove them.




Every day in New South Wales, 25 people are reported missing. For their family and friends the wait for contact or information can be agonising. The good news is however, that the NSW Police Missing Persons Unit exists to help find your loved ones. 99% of missing people reported to the unit are located, with strong assistance from the community.

• In the past year over 11,000 people have been reported missing in New South Wales. (35,000 nationally).
• 23% of those reported missing were considered to be related to some form of mental illness or disorder.
• Nearly half of those reported missing are 16 years and under.
• Nearly 10% of persons reported are aged over 60.
• Males and females go missing in equal numbers.
• Over 99% of missing persons are located: 70% within three days, 86% within two weeks.
• The most common missing persons are girls aged 13 to 15.
• Research indicates that for each person reported missing there are 12 people directly affected by their disappearance.
• Police are keen to raise community awareness of missing persons in an effort to reduce the numbers of persons who put themselves at risk by going missing.

It is important for people to be aware that being reported missing is not a crime and that it is the aim of the NSW Police to ascertain if the missing person is safe and well.