Rose Rain HOWELL

Rose Rain HOWELL
DOB: 1984
HAIR: dark brown/black Mohawk BUILD: med EYES: hazel/

Rose is Aboriginal and is described as approximately 160-165cms tall, short dark brown/black Mohawk haircut on top and sides of head shaved (zero cut). She has hazel/green eyes, thin eyebrows, 2 
small moles on her left forehead about 1cm apart below hairline, small mole on left side of neck and olive skin. She was last seen wearing a black tank top, dark grey jeans, black belt with silver buckle and black boots.
Rose was last seen in the Bellingen town-ship on Friday the 11th of April 2003. When last seen Rose was in good spirits and was organising her birthday party. She has not been spoken to or sighted since and there are concerns for her welfare.

Reported missing to: Bellingen Police Station.

Police Renew Appeal For Missing Woman - Coffs Harbour

11 April 2005

On the 12 April 2005, Rose Rain Howell has been missing for 2 years . Operation Chelonia was established to investigate her disappearance. Police believe she may have been the victim of foul play.
On the morning of Friday 11 April, Rose left her mother's home in Bundagen, about 20km south of Coffs Harbour. She went to the library in Bellingen and worked on invitations to her 19th birthday party, (Monday 21 April 2003). After Rose left the library an unknown person drove her from Bellingen and dropped off about 5:00pm at Marx Hill, several kilometres away. It is unclear how Rose left Marx Hill but it is believed she was picked up by another motorist.

The last sighting of Rose was at 5:30pm on 11 April when she was seen hitchhiking north on the Pacific Highway near the Old Pacific Highway turn-off to Perry Hill and Repton.

Rose is 20-years-old, she is described as being of white appearance, about 160-165cm tall with olive skin, hazel/green eyes, thin eyebrows and 2 moles about 1cm apart below the hairline with another mole on the left side of her neck. At the time of her disappearance she had short dark brown hair with the sides shaved and a Mohawk on top. She was wearing a black tank top, dark grey jeans, a black belt with a silver buckle and black boots.

Anyone with information regarding
the disappearance of Rose Rain
Howell is urged to contact Coffs
Harbour Police on 6652 0299 or
Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000

Appeal from Rose's mother

An outgoing woman with a short, dark mohawk and hazel-green eyes, Rose Howell was last seen on Friday, April 11, 2003, walking along Perry's Road in Repton, NSW. Rose turned 20 in April this year, and at the time she disappeared had just been invited to join a band. Her mother Malila tells her story ...

As my daughter Rose left with friends for Bellingen, I said to her, "Let me know if you need a lift home."

Rose, my youngest of four, was planning a big party at home on April 21 the day after her 19th birthday. We live at Repton, which is about a 15-minute drive from Bellingen in northern NSW.

Rose spent the day in town making invitations on the Bellingen library's computer and personally delivering them to her friends. She didn't come home that night, but she often stayed in town overnight. However, by Sunday morning I was seriously worried.

Though Rose is a determined and independent young woman, I knew she hadn't run away her mobile, electric bass and the rest of her belongings were at home. She was looking forward to her party and was excited because she'd been invited to join a band. When she didn't turn up for her appointments in Coffs Harbour on Monday, I went to the police. They didn't think she'd run away, either.

We found out Rose had been coming home when she vanished. She had hitched to the corner of the Old Pacific Highway and Perry's Road at about 5.30-6pm and started walking. Rose was within five kilometres of home but she didn't make it there.

It was dusk and raining when someone saw her at the top of Perry's Hill. This was the last time anyone saw her.

I put up posters in Bellingen, describing her 160-165cm tall, hazel-green eyes, with a very short, dark mohawk and wearing a black singlet top, charcoal-coloured jeans and black boots.

The police don't have any clues. Their only lead is an anonymous letter from May 28 last year but no-one came forward when I went on television to appeal to the writer.

The local community has raised a $20,000 reward for accurate information about Rose's location.

All I can do is keep putting up posters and talking to the media. I'll never let go of hope. Rose, if you're out there somewhere, please let me know. I miss you.

If you have any information, please call Coffs Harbour police station on (02) 6652 0299.

- with thanks to WOMAN'S DAY magazine


Rose Howell

By Liz Keen - ABC

2 August, 2011 11:13AM AEST

It's Missing Person's Week and Katya Quigley spoke to the mother of a Bellingen woman who has been missing since 2003

One of the worst fears for any parent is the thought of their child going missing. Around 35,000 people are reported missing in Australia each year - that's one person every 15 minutes. While 95% of missing persons are found within a week, there are currently 1,600 people who have been missing for more than six months.

It's missing person's week and the slogan for the week this year is "When someone goes missing. More than one person is lost"

Detective Inspector Cameron Lindsay told Elloise Farrow Smith that there are more than 20 long term missing people on the Coffs Coast. He said that people shouldn't hesitate to contact police if they are concerned about a family member or friend who is missing. "What we say to people is not to wait 24 hours to report that someone is missing. If they've actually got fears for their safety and their location is unknown. It's not a crime to go missing," he said.

Rose Howell went missing in the Bellingen area on Friday April 11 2003, she was only 18 at the time. Her mother, Malila Howell, told Katya Quigley she felt worried about Rose the day she went missing when she didn't come home or call.

"After three days it was something's wrong, something's gone wrong, what's going on? Where is she? And then you kind of get desperate as the time goes past and you haven't got an answer to this right in your face, really important question and there's no way you can get an answer," she said.

"She was last seen on Perry's Hill on the evening of the day she went missing," Malila said. "Some weeks afterwards the police got an anonymous letter with details in it that they tried to follow up that intimated that she was dead."

"I went to all her haunts and places that she knew and talked to all her friends and I put posters up around Bellingen and around the area."

She said she is always wondering, and thinking about Rose. "You go on with life because that's what you do and it's like all the time you carry along this black hole with you," she said.

Detective Inspector Lindsay appealed for anyone who has any information about Rose Howell to please contact Coffs Harbour police on 6652 0299. He also said that anyone who is missing to please contact family or friends. "We would appeal to any person that hasn't been in contact with their family and next of kin for a long period of time to get in contact."

Malila said that if Rose is listening, she would like to send her love to her. "If you're alive I'd really like to know that you are and there's a big hole in life where you used to be but I hope your life is going well," she said.