Barbara Carol BROWN


DOB: 1955 - 22 years when missing
HAIR: Blond BUILD: 5'3" (162 cm)   EYES: Blue
Barbara was last seen at Beecroft on 17th of May 1978. She had recently arrived in Australia from the United States. She had previously been hitchhiking around New Zealand, Tasmania and Victoria with a girlfriend from Canada. They parted company in Sydney. Barbara set off from Beecroft intending to hitchhike to Queenland, then going across to Perth. She was never heard of again.

Barbara was from Texas in the USA. She saw hitchhiking as a perfect way to combine travel with meeting people despite everyone warning her of the dangers of hitchhiking. She made many new friends. When she arrived in Sydney she split from her friend and travelled alone.
On May 17, 1978, she set off from the Beecroft home of the brother and wife of her Melbourne boyfriend Chris.  She never returned. Chris' brother believes she was murdered after hitching a lift with the wrong person.