Judith (Judy) Ann YOUNG aka Judith HENRY

Police image of handwritten letter in missing woman case

  Do you recognise the handwriting on this envelope? If so please contact NSW Police urgently - Parkes police station on 02 6862 9977 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


Name:  Judith Ann YOUNG Sex: Female
Date of Birth: 10 Nov 1959    
Age when missing: 42 Height (cm): 165.0 Build: Solid
Hair Colour: Brown Eye Colour:   Complexion: Fair
Nationality:   Racial Appearance: Caucasian    
Circumstances - Judith was last seen in Gunningbland New South Wales in October 1999.

Police searching for missing woman

14/07/2008 9:54:00 AM - Parkes Champion-Post


Parkes Police are appealing for assistance in locating a Gunningbland district resident, listed as missing for almost 10 years.

Judith Young was last seen in mid December 1999 by her husband, Phillip Young when she left their property.

In August 2001, a missing person report was made in Sydney by relatives of Judith Young and a subsequent police investigation “Ullswater” was created to attempt to locate Mrs Young.

Police enquiries to date have failed to locate her and a Coronial brief has been prepared and submitted to the State Coroner regarding her disappearance.

Police have grave concerns for Mrs Young’s welfare due to the fact she has not been seen or heard of since this date despite extensive enquiries conducted throughout all states of Australia, Steve Howard, the Acting Crime Manager for the Lachlan Area Command said on Friday.

‘Mrs Young was an active person involved in many business activities and was well known in the country music industry as a band manager.

‘She grew up in the Orange area and was known to many people as Judith Henry, her maiden name.’

Sgt Howard said initial inquiries revealed she may have located to Queensland, but Police had been unable to verify this.

The NSW State Coroner has the detailed brief of evidence on hand with statements taken from many of her friends and family.

Lachlan Detectives have been dealing with this matter since 2001 and are once again seeking information from members of the community who may have seen Judith Young during the past nine years, or have any knowledge about her disappearance, no matter how small or trivial this information may seem.

Persons with information are requested to contact Parkes Police on 6862 9977 or Crime Stoppers with any information.


Police investigate leads in missing woman case

Posted Wed Jun 20, 2007 3:17pm AEST - ABC

Detectives in Parkes, in central western New South Wales, are preparing a brief of evidence for the coroner over the disappearance of a woman from Gunningbland more than six years ago.

Judith Anne Young was reported missing by her brother in August 2001, but was last seen leaving her property at Gunningbland in December 1999.

Detective Senior Constable John Alderson says Parkes police are investigating several leads to try to provide the family with some closure.

"We haven't ruled out anything really, we're ... seeking information from the community that may assist us in further inquiries," he said.


Missing nine years ... where's Judy?

Arjun Ramachandran - SMH
July 14, 2008 - 4:53PM
On the day Judith Young separated from her husband, she left their rural property and disappeared without a trace, leaving behind a vehicle, horses, and the country music artists she managed.

No one reported her missing for more than 18 months and now, nine years after she disappeared, police have launched a fresh appeal for information about her whereabouts.

Mrs Young, also known by her maiden name Judith Henry, was last seen by her husband after leaving their home at Gunningbland, near Parkes, in mid-December 1999. She would now be 48.

"The situation was that, in December 1999, she left the family property ... she left there after she and her husband separated," Inspector Steve Howard, from Parkes police, said.

"She left on that day ... and, we believe, to go to Queensland.

"A missing person report was not made until August 2001, when her brother rang to indicate he hadn't heard from her in two years and didn't know where she was."

The information that Mrs Young was leaving for Queensland had come "primarily from her husband'', said Detective Senior Constable Michael Maloney.

Left behind car and horses

At the Gunningbland property she had left her car, a Valiant, and two or three horses.

"She travelled quite extensively and even up to Queensland to purchase ... Andalucian horses.''

Mrs Young had also bought and sold second-hand wares from around the Parkes area, he said.

Phil Young, Mrs Young's estranged husband, said it was "rubbish'' that Judith's last contact with any family members was the day they separated, in December 1999.

He said Mrs Young had called both him and her sister-in-law in late 2000.

"There was contact made with her sister-in-law ... Judith was abusing her over the phone.

"I spoke to her probably a couple of months after that. She wouldn't [say where she was], I assumed she was in Queensland.''

He said Mrs Young had been "under pressure'' from her brother and his wife around the time she disappeared.


However, he would not elaborate, and said he was reluctant to discuss the case any further ahead of a likely coronial inquest.

He was unaware police had launched an appeal, and said he did not believe Mrs Young had met any harm. He did not believe her disappearance was out of character.

"Before I met her she lived in 16 places in four years - in Queensland, she lived everywhere.

"I'm hoping [any inquest] doesn't uncover anything - the last thing I want to find out is that something happened to her.''

Asked if he thought she was OK and living elsewhere, he said: ``I hope so.''

 Bill Henry, Mrs Young's brother, said her disappearance was out of character. He feared she had been murdered.


"She was very attached to our three daughters ... and there's no way she'd go so long without making some form of contact.

"[Since disappearing] she's never used her Medicare card [despite having ongoing medical problems], and she left money in the bank which if you know Judy was completely unnatural - she had to spend it as soon as she got it.

"She was a happy-go-lucky person, used to sing country and western music.

"But she didn't seem to have a purpose in life - she didn't want kids - but she was very generous to people.''

Mr Henry said his last contact with Mrs Young was in late 1999, when he and his wife had asked Judith to visit him after he had a quadruple bypass. She had been unable to come.

A former employee also said he worked for a business run by Mrs Young, collecting discarded railway sleepers around Parkes, which Mrs Young would then sell to others.

Country music

Police also described Mrs Young as a "country music identity".

"She wasn't huge, she was tied up with some bands out here and used to go to Tamworth and manage a few bands as a booking agent," Inspector Howard said.

"A lot of people in the industry would have known her."

The Country Music Association of Australia said it had not heard of a Judith Young, or a Judith Henry.

But Cheryl Chamberlain, from Parkes and District Country Music Association, said Mrs Young had also been an accomplished musician, in addition to managing bands.

"She did sing and play guitar. She sang quite well. She started managing a few bands [booking them at venues] in the Central West."

Mrs Chamberlain said she did not know Mrs Young personally, but said she often left town as part of her work as a band manager.

"Judy used to go away and you wouldn't see here around town for months," she said.

"[When she disappeared] people just thought she was just gone and would turn up again."

She was a strange girl: friend

A friend, who wished only to be known as "Lindy", described Mrs Young as "strange", but someone she got on well with. Lindy had known Mrs Young for about eight years before she disappeared.

"She was a strange girl, a lot of people had problems with her but I got on quite well with her, I took her at face value," she said.

"It's hard to put in words, unless you knew Judy.

"She was just different, she had some weird friends. There was one lady that was the fortune telling type, things like that.

"She did some funny things. She told me at one stage that she'd tell [her husband] Phil she was going to Orange and little did he know she'd go to Sydney and back - I don't know what that was about.

"She had a finger in every pie, she always tried to make a dollar.

"She used to get into men's work. She used to buy sleepers from the railways and saw them up for wood and sell them.

"She'd pick up the sleepers and go into town [to drop them off in her truck] wearing high heel shoes and short skirts."

Lindy and her husband met Mrs Young through their common love of country music, and had also attended her wedding to Phil about a year or two before she went missing, Lindy said.

She did not know much about Phil, whom she described as a "very quiet sort of fellow".

Lindy had also worked for Mrs Young's company, Billabong Music, as a typist, she said.

"A lot of people say she did not pay them, or gave them a valueless cheque, but she always paid us.

"We're always looking, you never stop looking," she said. "We were at a country music festival in June, and saw someone and thought 'That looks a bit like Jude', and of course you walk closer and it looks nothing like her."

Anyone with information can phone Parkes Police on 6862 9977 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Inquest expected to be held

13/05/2009 9:36:00 AM - Parkes Champion-Post


A massive search by police and SES volunteers has failed to find a body on a property west of Parkes.

More than 50 people were involved in the search for possible remains of Judith Young who went missing in 1999.

She was not reported missing until 2001.

A special police strike force called Ullswater was set up and concluded that Mrs Young may have been murdered and her body buried on the property, located 30 kilometres from Parkes in the Gunningbland district.

Police said she was last seen on the property.

As the disappearance of Mrs Young was not reported until some two years after her disappearance, certainly processes and checks had to be carried out before any formal inquiries could be conducted.

Lachlan Detective, Senior Constable Scott Baker said last weekend’s search of the properties (two of them covering 2,500 acres) was initiated by the Deputy State Coroner McPherson who issued a Coronial Investigation Scene order.

He said it had taken this long for the search to be carried out because of the unusual circumstances surrounding the disappearance.

Det Baker said while the weekend search failed to find any remains, certain documents and some firearms were seized on Friday and again on Sunday, from a residence on the property.

He said police were now preparing a a brief of evidence for the Coroner which would include details of the search, statements gathered over the years of investigation and other items.

The Coroner will examine the brief in Glebe Coroners Court on May 21, and it is likely an inquest into the disappearance of Judith Young will then be conducted.

Anonymous letter writer urged to contact detectives investigating suspicious disappearance

2009-05-26 16:36:11

NSW Police investigating the suspicious disappearance of a woman in the state's central west 10 years ago are appealing to a person who sent a letter to contact detectives.
The letter was received by investigating police in the post yesterday (Monday 25 May) and detectives are keen for the author to contact them by phone.
Information contained in the letter, which police will not release, may be of significance to the Strike Force Ullswater investigation.
Strike Force Ullswater was established by the Lachlan Local Area Command to make inquiries into the disappearance of Judith Ann Young.
Ms Young, from the Gunningbland area west of Parkes, was reported missing in 2001. However, it is believed she disappeared in December 1999 and there are concerns she met with foul play.
The author of the letter can contact Strike Force detectives directly via Parkes Police Station on (02) 6862 9977. Alternatively, the writer can contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

The person can remain anonymous and all information received will be treated in the strictest confidence.

New lead in Parkes missing woman case

Posted Wed May 27, 2009 9:29am AEST - ABC

Police in Parkes in central-west New South Wales are appealing for the author of a letter sent to them to come forward to help investigate the disappearance of a woman 10 years ago.

Judith Ann Young - also known as Judith Henry - from Gunningbland, west of Parkes, was reported missing in 2001, but may have disappeared in 1999.

Police believe she may have met with foul play.

Following on from a search of a Gunningbland property, detectives received a letter indicating the writer has some knowledge about Ms Young's disappearance.

Lachlan Area Command crime manager Paul Jones says he believes the anonymous letter was sent from the local area.

"It was forwarded by normal mail, it had a stamp on it, it was handwritten in a normal standard size envelope," he said.

Police are appealing for the person who sent the letter to contact them via the Parkes police station on 02 6862 9977 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


Letter offers clue in missing woman case

Dec 21st 2009 - ABC

New South Wales Police have released images of a handwritten letter they believe could be a breakthrough in the investigation into the disappearance of a woman from near Parkes, in the state's central west, 10 years ago.

Forty-year-old country music singer Judith Young was last seen in 1999 on a property at Gunningbland.

Since then, police have conducted several searches of properties in the area, but have failed to find any trace of her.

In May, police received a handwritten letter regarding Mrs Young's disappearance, revealing information that could only have come from someone with intimate knowledge of the case.

After appeals for the writer to come forward failed, police have released images of the letter in the hope someone may recognise the writing.

Darwin trip fails to find missing woman

Posted 56 minutes ago - January 28th 2010 - ABC

The search for a missing Parkes woman in Darwin has proven unsuccessful.

Lachlan police have been in the Northern Territory for almost a week to investigate reported sightings of Judith Ann Young, who vanished more than 10 years ago.

Officers have ruled out a Darwin woman, who was thought to be the 49-year-old, from their investigations.

The Lachlan crime manager, Detective Inspector Paul Jones, says the case will now be presented to the coroner.

"We'll review the matter and look at whether there's any further lines of enquiry that need to ... be followed up. Failing that, the brief will be presented to the coroner, it'll be up to him as to whether or not there is ... a hearing in relation to the matter. If it's the case persons will be called to give evidence in relation to that," he said.

He says Judith Young was last seen leaving a property at Gunningbland, west of Parkes, in 1999.

"You need to keep an open mind in these investigations. She's been missing for some time. Without saying we are disappointed if we recovered or located her, it would have been a relief, but it hasn't brought closure to the issue," he said.