Australian Child Murders

Few things could be more horrific in our society than the murder of a child. When I talk to people about what I do, it's always the children they want to talk about, to express their horror and sadness when a child is taken or found murdered. This is a difficult section for me to compile, as my heart is with every single one of these photos and many tears have gone into creating these pages for them, but this is important, this place for them, a place where people can come and remember them always and look at their beautiful happy little faces of the children they once were.




Jordan Anderson-Smith


Victoria Barton


Trinity Bates


Sheree Beasley


Karon Bethune


Simon Brook       


Karmein Chan     


Evelyn Greenup   


Nicole Hanns




Jaidyn Leskie      


Judith and Susan Mackay   


Kylie Maybury


Alan Redston      


Gerard Ross     


Ebony Simpson


Clinton Speedy-Duroux    


Keyra Steinhardt


Graeme Thorne


Yvonne Tuohy



If you know anything about any unsolved murder, please contact your local police station

or ring Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000 immediately.


* A note about the photos - wherever possible on this website I used photos approved for publication by Police or supplied to me by the families. Sometimes the only photo I have been able to find is one that has the copyright marks on them that you see in some of the pics above. I know it's wrong, I know I shouldn't be using them but I would rather technically do the wrong thing than not have any image of them at all. This is a voluntary service, I don't have any money at all to spend buying the photos. If the copyright owners would like me to remove them, I will abide by your wishes but in three years of doing this, no one has ever made the request and that makes me happy, that you can see what a vital thing these photos are for people to be able to remember these people so cruelly taken from us.