Isabella and Bronte WATTER






Isabella Watter

Born:  4 January 2007
Sex:  Female
Hair:  Light brown shoulder-length
Eyes:  Blue
Height:  95cm
Weight:  21 kg

Bronte Watter

Born:  4 January 2007
Sex:  Female
Hair:  Light brown bob-cut
Eyes:  Blue
Height:  100cm
Weight:  23 kg

Catherine Lee Watter (Commonly known as Cassie)

Born:  3 October 1972
Sex:  Female
Hair:  Dark brown
Weight:  approximately 90kg




Name: Isabella and Bronte WATTER (non-identical twins)
Last seen: 04/04/2014
Year of Birth: 2007
Sex: Female
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Light brown shoulder length
Height: 95 to 100cm
Build: slim
Complexion: Fair
Circumstances: (insert a brief history) Isabella and Bronte are believed to be in company with Cassie WATTER, described as Caucasian, about 163cm tall, weighing about 90kg, with dark brown hair. She sometimes has a red molar facial rash. Their suspected abduction is unlawful and in breach of Family Court orders. There are concerns as to the whereabouts of Cassie, Isabella and Bronte and anyone with any information about them is asked to immediately contact Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000.

Missing Mum still on the run

Fugitive mother of two, Cassie Watter, remains on the run more than a week after she is believed to have abducted her twin daughters from their Townsville primary school. By now, she could quite literally be anywhere in Australia.

The suspected abduction is unlawful and in breach of Family Court orders which Ms Watter consented to and asked the Court to make less than a year ago.

It is inevitable that someone has seen the trio in their travels, and may even know their present whereabouts. Any assistance knowingly provided to a criminal to avoid punishment is itself a serious crime.

The girls are non-identical twins - Bronte Watter and Isabella Watter (DOB 4 January 2007).

They were last seen at about 8.40am on Friday 4 April at the Hermit Park Primary School at Townsville, Queensland.  Their father is deeply concerned and desperately seeking public help.

Cassie (Catherine Lee) Watter  is 41-years-old (DOB 3 October 1972) and described as Caucasian, about 163cm tall, weighing about 90kg, with dark brown hair. She sometimes has a red molar facial rash.

Bronte Watter has light brown bob-cut hair, blue eyes, 100cm in height and weighs about 23kg. Isabella Watter is described as having light brown should-length hair, blue eyes, 95cm in height and weighs about 21kg.

This media release is prepared with the assistance of Dillon Lawyers, representing the father, and is subject to a publication order made by the Family Court on 10 April 2014.  This complies with the requirements of the section 121 publication order under the Family Law Act 1975.

Anyone with any information about the whereabouts of Bronte Watter and Isabella Watter should contact Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000

Information provided to Crimestoppers can be made anonymously

  • Grandparents appeal to daughter to come home

    THE grandparents of two missing girls believed to have been kidnapped by their fugitive mother, have denied helping them disappear.

    Arthur and Heather Double­day said they were concerned for their daughter Catherine “Cassie” Watter’s welfare, along with their two granddaughters, after the trio disappeared last Friday.

    “We have nothing whatsoever (to do with the disappearance),” Mr Doubleday told the Townsville Bulletin.

    “I have no idea at all where she (Cassie) is, which way she’s gone or where she is, but she should return immediately.

    “I have no idea if she’s in Queensland, but I hope she’s still in Townsville.”

    The twin sisters, aged seven, were last seen at Hermit Park Primary School about 8.30am last Friday, after they were dropped off by their father Michael Watter, who has custody.

    Cassie is believed to have taken them and is thought to have been on the run since.

    Mr and Mrs Doubleday said it had been a traumatic time since they were told her daughter had run away.

    “It’s tragic ... we can’t do anything,” Mr Doubleday said.

    “She’s committed a pretty serious offence.”

    Mr Doubleday said he didn’t have access to Cassie’s bank account and couldn’t say whether there had been any withdrawals made.

    “I don’t even know what bank she’s with,” he said.

    One day after finding out about their daughter’s disappearance, Mr and Mrs Double­day loaned her car to Cassie’s roommate.

    Mr Doubleday denied the car loan was hasty.

    “She’s been very good to Cassie,” he said.

    “She mows the lawns and does the washing and pays a fair bit for rent.

    “She doesn’t have any transport. I loaned her a pushbike and said, ‘Look the car’s here, you can have it,’ and she said, ‘No, no, no,’ and I said, ‘No, we’ve got two cars’.

    “I said, ‘I don’t know if there is any hire purchase or not. If there is you can make payments until she comes back’.’’

    The pair reached out to their daughter, appealing with her to return home safe with the children.

    “Isabella and Bronte, we’re looking forward to you coming home to look after your chooks and dogs and budgerigars,” Mr Doubleday said.

    “Cassie: problems can be solved.”

    Police are appealing for any information to help track the trio down.


    'Fugitive' mother Cassie Watter tracked to northern Brisbane


    Kristian Silva - Brisbane Times

    A Townsville mother, who has been on the run from police with her two young daughters, has been tracked to Brisbane’s northern suburbs.

    The girls, Isabella and Bronte Watter, were last seen on April 4 when they were dropped off at their school in Townsville, far north Queensland.

    Police believe the girls never made it to their classroom and were taken by their mother Cassie.

    By taking the seven-year-old girls, Mrs Watter is in breach of a family court custodial order that she consented to.

    There have been unconfirmed sightings of the trio across Australia in the months since they vanished from northern Queensland,

    Acting Inspector Dave Miles said police had tracked Mrs Watter to the Strathpine and Everton Park area “very recently”, and believed she was with the girls.

    “They’re no doubt living a life where mum’s looking over her shoulder wondering whether the next knock on the door will be from police,” he told Fairfax Media.

    “We don’t think they’re in danger but the reality is she is not lawfully entitled to have the children.”

    Acting Inspector Miles said it appeared Mrs Watter’s family and friends had helped her disappear, providing assistance with accommodation, transport and money.

    “Our hope is that Cassie Watter and the people supporting her will accept that this is not going away. The people assisting her are committing a criminal offence and we need to have these children brought back where they belong,” he said.

    The girls’ father, Michael Watter, said the development gave him hope of seeing his daughters soon.

    “We’re still relying on the public to be the eyes and ears and to forward information to police,” he said.

    “It’s getting harder and harder as the days go by.”

    In April the Family Court took the rare step to release some details of the custodial case between Mr and Mrs Watter. The court said Mrs Watter had breached its order by absconding with the girls.

    Bronte Watter is about 100 centimetres tall, of slight build, with fair skin and long, light brown hair.

    Her sister Isabella is about five centimetres shorter and has a slight build, fair skin and short brown hair.

    Cassie (Catherine Lee) Watter, 41, is described as Caucasian, about 163cm tall, weighing about 90 kilograms, with dark brown hair.

    Anyone with information should call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

    Father’s plea for twin girls who have been missing for more than a year

    THREE weeks ago, on a Sunday in early January, Queensland twins Isabella and Bronte Watter turned eight years old.

    It’s unlikely they would have had a party or welcomed friends carrying brightly wrapped presents at a house decorated with balloons and streamers.

    They wouldn’t have gone to a park or a restaurant. A beach or a playground. They wouldn’t have ridden their new bicycles through the neighbourhood, screeching with delight.

    What they did do is a mystery, because nobody knows where they are.

    Isabella and Bronte’s father Michael believes his girls are being held captive by their mother Cassie, caught up in a bitter and complex custody dispute. They’ve not been spotted for nearly a year now and because nobody has seen them, he believes they are being kept in captivity.

    “There have been no sightings whatsoever,” Michael father said.

    “How much longer is this going to go on? Even if they are hidden away on some property in the middle of nowhere, living in a homestead, even that’s like keeping them on some sort of prison farm.

    “There are no friends, teachers, no sport. None of the normal things that help people grow up into healthy, well-rounded individuals.”

    The Townsville father was awarded full custody of his daughters in 2011 amid claims by his ex-wife the children were being abused.

    Authorities and police investigated the allegations but found evidence the girls were being coached by their mother.

    On April 4, Michael dropped his girls off at the school gate and watched as they walked away.

    “I dropped them off and was watching them walk up to the school gates, together with other kids all around them,” he said.

    “That was the last I heard or saw of them. About 3pm, I walked through into the school grounds and one of their little friends said: ‘Where was Isabella today? She wasn’t at school’.

    “I was puzzled by that. I walked up towards the classroom and the teacher came out on the balcony and saw me. She had this look on her face, like she was pretty shocked to see me there.”

    Cassie Watter’s car was found abandoned in a nearby park, the girls’ bags and school uniforms inside.

    Michael has spent the past 10 months searching for them. He gives media interviews, hangs posters and runs a Facebook page.

    His efforts are frustrated by people not wanting to share the online missing persons alert — issued by police and the Family Court — because they “don’t know both sides”.

    One woman said she was suspicious of him because he looked “too happy” on his Facebook page.

    He replied: “In my experience, people tend not to post negative things about themselves on FB. I haven’t posted ‘sat on the shower floor crying because I miss my girls’, just as you probably won’t post ‘made an arse of myself on FB today with a series of increasingly ridiculous posts on a matter I really know nothing about’.”

    Michael also hears regularly from Cassie’s supporters, who send long emails to his associates — and media outlets — accusing him of abusing his children.

    “I hold no concerns with the people trying to damage my name,” Michael said.

    “They only spur me on. They make me want to keep going because I know these are the type of people who identify with the mother and her actions.”

    Have you seen Isabella or Bronte? Call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.