Tanya Maree NICHOLLS

DOB: 1972
HAIR: Brown BUILD: Thin EYES: Brown
Age when disappeared - 16 years.                  
In September 1988 Tanya left her grand-parents' home in Fairy Meadow to go to live in Bondi with an unknown person. There has only been one telephone call to relatives since that time.

   If you are reading this please know you are so badly missed by all your
family. Since you have been gone you have gotten new family members and a
few have passed on. We just want to know where you are and if you are O.K.
You are always the one missing from our family gatherings.
   Your family think of you daily and you are always in our hearts.
   If you are reading this or if any of you know Tanya please get in touch
with us and release our fears and worries.
                         From Cousin Trudie.



**All messages to Tanya's family can be passed on by me if you prefer -

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