Name:  David John SUSHAMES
Date of Birth: 1961
Build: Medium
Height: 180 cm
Hair: Brown receeding shoulder length wavy hair and short beard.
Eyes: Blue
Distinguishing Features/Other: None

David John SUSHAMES, of Morris Avenue, Devonport, Tasmania. Reported missing on 6 November 2005. Last seen on late morning of Tuesday 1 November 2005 (Melbourne Cup Day) at Morris Avenue Devonport and Tarleton Street East Devonport.

Concerns are held for his safety, Police are concerned for his welfare.

Missing man may be foul play victim
From: By Heather Low Choy - news.com.au
November 17, 2005

Tasmanian POLICE fear a Devonport man missing for more than two weeks may have met with foul play.

David John Sushames, 44, has not been seen since he left a family member's East Devonport home on November 1.
Mr Sushames usually maintains almost daily contact with his loved ones, says Acting Detective Inspector Peter Powell.

"There was nothing to indicate there was anything going on in his life that would make him want to disappear," Insp Powell said. "His disappearance is a mystery. It is strange."

He said it was a major concern that Mr Sushames, who lives alone in a unit, had not been in touch with his children.

He had not used his bank account or mobile phone since November 1.

There is nothing solid to indicate anything untoward has happened to him but we are going to be making extensive inquiries," he said.
Mr Sushames is 177cm tall, of slim build, with fair complexion and blue eyes, brown receding shoulder-length hair and possibly a short beard.

Anyone who thinks they may have seen Mr Sushames should phone Devonport CIB on 6421 7537 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 005 555.

Date published: Thursday, November 17, 2005.
Missing link?

POLICE investigating the disappearance of a Devonport man early this month have not ruled out a possible link with another mystery disappearance almost 12 months ago.

Both men were last seen in Tarleton St, East Devonport.

Police hold grave fears for David John Sushames, 44, who was last seen walking in Tarleton St about 1pm on November 1.

North Motton man Lester Lee, 41, was last seen on the corner of Tarleton St and Torquay Rd on December 19 last year.

Devonport CIB Acting Detective Inspector Peter Powell said the men shared similar characteristics although there was nothing at this stage to suggest they knew each other.

"Both men are of similar age, and are both single living men who were both last seen in the same area," Det-Insp Powell said.

"But ... in looking at their backgrounds there's nothing to suggest the two men are linked in any way. It's just a bit of a coincidence, I think."

Police have exhausted all leads in the search for Mr Sushames, who has not accessed his bank account or used his mobile phone since the day of his disappearance.

"There's nothing to suggest there has been foul play but there's also no reason he would disappear like this his family say it's totally out of character," Inspector Powell said.

"We're fairly worried about him and obviously his family are very concerned."

Mr Sushames lives alone in Devonport, does not work and shares joint custody of two children with his estranged wife.

He is due to appear in the Devonport Magistrate Court next January on drug-related charges. Police do not believe the charges relate to Mr Sushames' disappearance.

Lester Lee remains an active entry on the police missing person's list.

Anyone with information can contact Devonport CIB on 64217537 or Crimestoppers on 1800005555.

Date published: Friday, November 25, 2005.
Police act on sightings

POLICE will set up a mobile station at Railton on Tuesday as they continue their hunt for missing man David John Sushames.

Police are investigating a range of reported sightings of the 44-year-old Devonport man, last seen on Melbourne Cup Day.

They said yesterday they were keen to talk to anyone who saw him in Morris Avenue, Devonport; Tarleton St, East Devonport, on the afternoon of November 1; or the Railton area on the afternoon of November 1.

"There was some indication he was going to Railton," Inspector Matt McCreadie said yesterday.

"We can't find who, if anyone, he was going to see."

He said police would set up a mobile station at Railton on Tuesday in the hope of "sparking up the interest of anyone who may have seen him".

Mr Sushames was last seen in Tarleton St on November 1.

He is described as being of slim build, 177cm, with a fair complexion, blue eyes, a short beard and receding brown, shoulder-length hair.

Inspector McCreadie said the disappearances of Mr Sushames and North Motton man Lester Lee were being treated as separate.

"There appears to be no link as far as we can see to Lester Lee."

Mr Lee was last seen on the corner of Tarleton St and Torquay Rd last December.

Mr Sushames was facing drug charges, relating to amphetamines.

Inspector McCreadie said he did not know of Mr Lee having any drug involvement.

He said he would not suggest either man's disappearance was drug related.

Unconfirmed sightings of Mr Sushames in Hobart had been largely discounted, he said.

Date published: Wednesday, December 28, 2005.
Search for new clues

DEVONPORT CIB is reviewing its investigations into two North-West disappearances, as officers seek answers on the fate of Lester Lee and David Sushames.

They are looking for anything they might have overlooked or which provides a new clue.

Mr Lee, of North Motton, was last seen in the Tarleton St area at East Devonport on December 19, 2004.

Mr Sushames, of East Devonport, was last seen in Tarleton St on November 1 this year.

"We are still expending a lot of time on both cases," Inspector Matt McCreadie said yesterday.

"We are still treating both with priority and putting a lot of time in investigating all aspects of both."

Inspector McCreadie said police had investigated several unpleasant rumours about what happened to the men and regarded them as improbable.

He asked people to provide any genuine information and not to "be taken with some of the more outlandish rumours".

He said police were still treating the two disappearances as separate, but were looking for any possible links.

There was talk Mr Sushames had been going to Railton on November 1.

Police subsequently placed a mobile station at the town, but turned up nothing.

Inspector McCreadie said police were keen to hear from anyone who knew if Mr Sushames was there that day and anything about his movements or who he might have met.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Devonport police on 64217511