Daniel Nicholas SHEPPARD


Daniel Nicholas SHEPPARD

Mr Sheppard is described as being a 20 year old,165 cm (5'5") caucasian with red/blonde hair, fair complexion, thin build and blue eyes.

As far as the Police are aware, these are the movements of Daniel Sheppard on the night that he went missing:

Police hold grave fears for him and believe that he may have been murdered and ask anyone who may have seen him to contact:

BankSA Crime Stoppers:  1800 333 000.


HE loved heavy metal, was into Pearl Jam and silverchair, was a fan of Port Adelaide Football Club and an enthusiastic fisherman.
Daniel Sheppard, 19, also loved partying and had celebrated hard until 3.30am on New Year's Day, 1995.
A non-driver, Daniel, his twin Michael, and other mates had used public transport to do the pub and club rounds, starting at Lennies Tavern, Glenelg, SA.
They visited the Liberty Night Club in Hindley St at 2.45am and their last stop was the nearby Jules Bar. Daniel walked from Hindley St to Adelaide Railway Station and boarded the 4.13am train to Port Adelaide.
His destination was his home at Lord Hobart Way, West Lakes, where he lived with his mother.
Detectives later determined he was on the train with 30 other commuters, including three females he knew from school.
The atmosphere was boisterous but non-threatening.
On the train Daniel told two of the girls: "I'm partied out ... I'm going home to crash."
The girls left the train at Alberton and he waved to them.
At 4.35am Daniel left the train and was seen on the southern pedestrian ramp walking towards Baynes Place.
The walk home should have taken 10 minutes.
So how reliable was the sighting of a person answering to Daniel's description hitch-hiking 2km from the railway station on Grand Junction Rd?
Twin brother Michael is certain Daniel was going home.
"I knew he was going home and nowhere else after he left the station," Michael said. Hard-working and reliable was how Duncan Ollier described his young employee at a Wingfield powder- coating factory.
"It's like he's been plucked out of the sky and disappeared," Mr Ollier said. "He was loyal, reliable and trustworthy."
Daniel's workmates said he was "a good laugh, a funny bloke to be with'.
There was no hint of depression or anxiety.
Two weeks later, with no leads. Major Crime used his non-identical twin to "walk through" Daniel's last hours.
Wearing a blond wig and identical clothing, Michael re-created the trip from Platform 5 at Adelaide Station to where Daniel left the train and walked towards Baynes Place.
Models of Daniel were put up around West Lakes and Port Adelaide shopping precincts.
Divers searched the Port River and in April, 1995, police raided !he city homes of known sex offenders after information Daniel had been seen with them.
"It seems he walked into oblivion,"retired detective Alan Arthur, who spear- headed the Investigation, said.
Police now believe it likely Daniel was snatched and murdered.

Sunday Mail (28-12-2003)
Anna Merola/ Peter Haran
Missing SA teen 'probably dead'
November 08, 2005 - Daily Telegraph

A CORONER has ruled that an Adelaide teenager who disappeared during New Year celebrations more than a decade ago is most likely dead.

South Australian Coroner Mark Johns today closed the case on the disappearance of Daniel Sheppard, ruling that all avenues to find him had been exhausted.

Mr Sheppard was 19-years-old when he went missing in 1995.

He was last seen getting off a train at Port Adelaide at 4.35am on New Year's Day.

Two reported sightings of Mr Sheppard later that day, and a third sighting in 1997, could not be confirmed and extensive searches of the Port Adelaide area and the Port River failed to locate him, Mr Johns said.

Mr Johns said Mr Sheppard had enjoyed a good relationship with his family, including his twin brother, and would have contacted them if he were still alive.

Mr Johns did not determine a cause of death but said there was no evidence to support numerous theories, including that Mr Sheppard had been murdered by people with links to the occult or that he was bashed because he had substantial drug debts.

Tuesday, November 8, 2005. 4:12pm (AEDT)
Coroner closes case on missing teenager

South Australia's coroner, Mark Johns, has found that a young man who went missing during New Year's Eve celebrations more than 10 years ago is dead.

Teenager Daniel Nicholas Sheppard was last seen catching a train home to Port Adelaide in the early hours of New Year's Day in 1995, but he never made it home.

His family, including twin brother Michael Sheppard, has spent an agonising 10 years without hearing from him.

Detective Robert Stapleton told the inquest that blanket media coverage, police investigations and a re-enactment failed to turn up any sign of the missing teenager.

A friend reported seeing him at the Norwood Hotel in 1997 and, despite locking the hotel's doors, police could not find the young man.

The inquest heard that Daniel Sheppard's bank accounts had been untouched since the day he went missing.