Police appeal for help to locate missing teenage girl - Mount Pritchard

2009-07-20 12:27:47

NSW Police are appealing for help to locate a teenage girl who has been missing since March 2009 in Sydney's west.
16-year-old Rista Chathavixay was last seen by her boyfriend at his home in Mount Pritchard on 24 March 2009.
At the time her disappearance Rista failed to attend school and the fast-food restaurant, where she worked part-time.
She was reported missing to Green Valley Police Station by her family after she failed to contact her friends or family for several months.
Police enquiries revealed that Rista has not accessed any of her bank accounts and has no known source of income. For this reason police have serious concerns for her welfare.
Rista is described to police as 160cm tall, thin build, brown eyes, long black hair, of Asian appearance.
Anyone with information about Rista Chathavixay's whereabouts or who can confirm she is safe and well is urged to contact Green Valley Police on (02) 9607 1799 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


Hunt for Rista: missing teen has 'no source of income'

July 20, 2009 - SMH

A teenage schoolgirl has been missing from her suburban Sydney home for almost four months, police say.

Rista Chathavixay, 16, was last seen by her boyfriend on March 24 at Mount Pritchard, in Sydney's south-west.

"At the time [of] her disappearance, Rista failed to attend school and the fast-food restaurant where she worked part-time," police said in a statement.

"She was reported missing ... by her family after she failed to contact her friends or family for several months."

Rista has not accessed her bank accounts and has "no source of income", police said, sparking serious concerns for her welfare.

She is described as being of Asian appearance, about 160 centimetres tall, thin, with brown eyes and long black hair.

Anyone with information about Rista's whereabouts is urged to contact police.

Sweet sixteen and missing: plea to find Rista

July 22, 2009

Schoolgirl Rista Chathavixay had fallen out with her parents and had been living with her teenage boyfriend just before she went missing, police say.

She has not been seen since March 24 in Mount Pritchard, near Liverpool, and police are concerned for her welfare.

The 16-year-old has no source of income and has not accessed her bank account, used her mobile phone, contacted family or friends or been to school or work (at a local McDonald's), said David Hatchwell, acting crime manager at Green Valley police.

"We do have concerns for her wellbeing, she's a young Asian girl ... and [we don't know] whether she's found another boyfriend and being kept by him or whether she's met [with] some foul play," he said.

Rista was reported missing by her boyfriend a few days after she broke up with him on March 24 at his Mount Pritchard home, Detective Sergeant Hatchwell said.

She had been living there with him and his family since last November after a "run in" with her father at their Heckenberg home, he said.

The boyfriend reported Rista missing a few days after the break-up, after he did not see her at their school - Ashcroft High - or at nearby hang-outs, he said.

"She was a fairly quiet girl. She used to go to Liverpool shops and Mount Prichard," he said.

"There was no history of disappearance, only that she had a run-in with her dad.

"We have contacted all her known friends and the people she used to hang out with, and also people that the ex boyfriend might know."

Rista's ex-boyfriend had been helpful in the investigation and was not considered a suspect, Detective Sergeant Hatchwell said.

The pair had argued and Rista had suggested the pair take a break from the relationship, he said.

"There were no major dramas. It was a fairly amicable break-up from our investigations."

Prior to her disappearance, Rista had only limited contact with her parents, mainly with her mother, he said.

There was an alleged sighting of Rista in the Campbelltown area a few months ago, but this could not be verified, Detective Sergeant Hatchwell said.

Rista's manager at Bonnyrigg Heights McDonald's said she was working there only once a week, and had been there for only a few weeks before her disappearance.

Since making Rista's case public earlier this week, police had received no new leads, Detective Sergeant Hatchwell said.

Teenage girls frequently went missing from their family homes in the Green Valley area, but Rista's case was of concern because she had not been sighted in a long time, he said.

Gone and Fairfield families left baffled

29/07/2009 5:50:00 AM


NOT knowing is like living in darkness.

That is the theme for this year's National Missing Persons Week which begins on Sunday, August2.

There are approximately 35,000 people reported missing in Australia every year, including 900 people in NSW every month.

As the theme suggests, the worst part is not knowing not knowing where they are, not knowing if they're safe. Not knowing if they are alive.

That is the situation facing the family of Rista Chathavixay, who was last seen by her ex-boyfriend at his home in Mount Pritchard on March 24 this year.

It is believed the pair had an argument about the status of their relationship.

Police are concerned that Rista could have been the victim of foul play, as she has not accessed any of her bank accounts and has no known source of income.

She has also failed to attend school and the fast-food restaurant where she worked part-time.

``We have concerns about Rista's welfare and encourage anyone with information to contact the police,'' Green Valley detective Mark Kneipp said.

``We have heard rumours she may be in Campbelltown but we need more help from the community. The family just needs to know they need closure.''

Rista's case is one of several unsolved in NSW, with 80 long-term missing persons reported in the south-west alone.

Missing persons unit manager Kelly Kortlepel said National Missing Persons Week was a chance to rekindle the search for long-term missing persons and raise awareness about the growing problem.

``The week is an opportunity to raise awareness of the growing problem of wandering especially for older people who may go missing due to the effects of dementia or memory loss,'' she said.

``Just as sightings from the public helped police locate British backpacker Jamie Neale when he wandered off the track in the Blue Mountains, we hope this week will remind people that our ageing population need us to keep an eye out for them too.''

National Missing Persons Week is from August 2 to 8.


Clues sought for two still missing

5/08/2009 2:52:00 PM
NOT seeing a loved one for months or years can be tough.

For most people, not knowing whether they were dead or alive would be unimaginable. But some locals experience this pain every day.

This week is National Missing Persons week. Police are asking anyone who knows the location of a missing person to contact police and those that could be believed missing to contact their families.

At least two local families are waiting for the return of their relatives after lengthy absences.

Green Valley detective David Hatchwell said there was no more information on Rista Chathavixay, 16, of Heckenberg, who has been missing since March. ``Her family are still looking for her, but haven't heard from her or learned anything about her whereabouts,'' Senior Sergeant Hatchwell said.

``She had been fighting with her father for some time, so she moved into her boyfriend's house in Mount Pritchard around November 2008.

``But they had some sort of argument too and decided to take a `break', according to the boyfriend, around March and she hasn't been seen by anyone since then.''

Rista is of Asian appearance, about 160 centimetres tall, of thin build with brown eyes and long black hair.

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of Rista can contact Green Valley Police, 96071799 or Crime Stoppers, 1800333000.