I was honoured to be awarded a Pride of Australia Medal in September 2012, for QLD in the Community Spirit category, then I went on to win the National Gold Medal. On that day I met the most amazing people and I feel that every single one of them deserves recognition. Below are links to their causes and I really encourage you to visit their websites and read their stories, they are all very worthy and amazing people :)




October 2012 - I am honoured and humbled to announce that I won the National Gold Medal in the Pride of Australia Community Spirit category on Saturday. It was the most amazing day, I met such beautiful people who I will treasure as friends forever. Thank you to all those who voted for me, unfortunately I did not win the People's Choice award so AMPR still needs some funding, if you haven't yet bought a wristband please do and help support this work. Thank you to all the readers of the website, your support over the last 7 years has allowed me to achieve this amazing goal and get the message about missing persons out to thousands more people :)


Kaye Stapleton - winner of the QLD Courage medal

The Susan Britt Foundation       


Susan Britt Foundation Inc is a registered Not-for-profit Incorporated Association (charity) dedicated to supporting and giving Hope, Pride and Dignity to children and youth in the full time care of their Grandparents & Kinship carers due to family crisis or child protection orders. Their mission is to help keep these children and youth within their family unit and to keep them out of the foster care system.


Samantha Gall - winner of the QLD Inspiration medal -

Salvation Army’s Youth Outreach Program

Teacher Samantha Gall works in a small cramped facility in the back streets of Fortitude Valley but she has made a huge difference to her students’ lives. For the last 11 years Samantha has been with the Salvation Army’s Youth Outreach Program, personally teaching more than 300 “at-risk” young people, many of whom have progressed to forge positive careers. With her encouragement and personal interest, students gain a sense of hope that enables them to realise that education leads to freedom from their turbulent past. Samantha has ignited a desire to achieve and succeed and remains determined to make a difference in her students’ lives.



Stephen Andrews - winner of the WA Community Spirit medal

Black Dog Ride               



John Lee - winner of the NSW Community Spirit medal

You have a Friend  - charity helping the homeless of the Tweed area of NSW



Thomas Davies - winner of the WA Young Leader medal

Enough is Enough WA -

At Enough is Enough WA Inc. their mission is to raise community awareness about drink driving and dangerous driving behaviours to influence change for the betterment of society, they plan to do this through educating the younger generation of drivers on our roads, whilst encouraging self advocacy of the road safety message. They are a charity started in inspiration of Luke Beyer, and represent all victims and families of tragedies on our roads.



Vanessa Robinson - winner of the Victorian Courage medal

The Chase & Tyler Foundation

The Chase & Tyler Foundation's aim is to create awareness of the dangers of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning & to support the Federal Parliament to promote the change of legislation that will state mandatory servicing of all gas appliances and Carbon Monoxide alarms to be fitted in all Australian buildings & homes.
In memory of her children, Chase & Tyler Robinson, who were only 8 and 6 years old when they became victims to the Silent Killer in 2010. Chase & Tyler died due to a faulty gas heater in their rental property while they were sleeping.



Lesley Porter - winner of the Victorian Inspiration medal

The Good Life Farm

Lesley is committed to educating people on environmental, social and life skill programs, as well as the benefits of animals interacting with youth at risk, special needs, and celebrating all differences.



Katie Hunter - winner of the Victorian Care and Compassion medal

Dogs for Kids with Disabilities

Dogs For Kids with Disabilities (DKD) is a not for profit organisation based in Victoria, Australia. DKD was founded by Katie Hunter, a qualified guide dog trainer who has over ten years experience in the animal industry including vet nursing, animal care and dog training (pets, obedience, agility, companion dogs, autism assistance dogs and guide dogs). Katie has trained multiple autism dogs and their clients, she has also trained and placed many pets as therapy dogs and co-ordinated puppy programs for guide dog schools in Australia.



Deborah De Williams - winner of the Tasmanian Courage medal

Running Pink

After walking around Australia fund-raising for Kids Helpline, Deborah De Williams was diagnosed with breast cancer. But that didn't stop her. She has since run twice around Australia, raising money and awareness of cancer. The first run was cut short when she tripped over her dog Maggie, but she still ran 800km with two broken feet to seek medical assistance. Deborah was told she'd never walk again, but she answered by again running around Australia, raising $215,000 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. She supports and inspires cancer survivors through her charity Running Pink.