Patricia Schmidt 





Patricia Susan Schmidt was raped and murdered at Hallett Cove, South Australia on December 17th 1971.

Patricia had just finished work at the Darlington Burder King (her 2nd night at the job) and was waiting for her father to collect her. He was just 10 minutes late and in that time Patricia was taken. Her battered body was found the next day lying in grass on the side of Adams Rd, Hallett Cove.

- Patricia was wearing black lace up boots, hot pants, a red jumper and an orange coat the last time she was seen alive, by work colleagues at a Darlington fast food restaurant.
- When she was found, she was only wearing the boots. The jumper and coat were draped over her body and her bra was hanging on a wire fence nearby.
-Traces of weathered pink and white paint were found on her body.
- There were also traces of different metals- predominantly nickel and nickel silver. At the time, police investigated the possibility she had been in an engravers or key cutters workshop.
- A kangaroo skin purse Patricia carried was never found.

The popular girl had left the restaurant and waited for her father.
Reports said she stood as if she was waiting for someone and walked around for a few minutes before she started walking north along South Rd, rather than to the south towards her Seacliff Park home.

The previous Tuesday night, after her first shift, Patricia had told a girlfriend she had been walking home when a man stopped and offered her a lift.
She described the stranger as "old", about 30, not attractive, with pimples and a "flash car".
As she sat in the car, he suggested driving in the Hills, she refused and he started driving towards Hallett Cove before being dropped at home- which he did.
Detectives called to the scene said drag marks suggested she was dumped on the verge after being killed somewhere else.
She was still wearing gold earrings, a gold watch and silver signet ring.