Owen Rooney ... went missing from hospital.owen rooney

The tattoo with the triangle and the words "Australian Made" is on the outside of Rooney's right calf.

The other tattoo is the size of a the bottom of a coffee mug and is on his left shoulder blade.




Above link - RCMP re enactment video


Owen's family have created this website for him - http://www.find-owen.com/


and also this Facebook group -



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'We have to find him': case of missing Owen Rooney baffles police

Georgina Robinson - SMH
November 10, 2010

Canadian police have filmed a re-enactment of the last known movements of missing NSW man Owen Rooney, who disappeared almost three months ago.

Mr Rooney, 24, an electrician, left behind his backpack and mobile phone when he walked away from a small hospital in Grand Forks, a city just north of the Canadian-US border, on August 14.

Canadian mounted police and Mr Rooney's family, who live in the NSW south coast town of Milton, have been searching for him ever since.

Overnight police released a video plea for information about Mr Rooney, who was in Canada on a working holiday and had reportedly arrived at hospital with two black eyes.

"The fact that Owen did have a head trauma, we are unsure of his mental capabilities when he walked out of the hospital without his belongings," his mother, Sharron Rooney, says on the video.

"To do that he would have had to been in some disarray of his mental state."

The Rooneys this week filed a complaint with Canadian health authorities about the circumstances under which their son was released from Kootenay Boundary Hospital, according to Canadian media reports.

Mrs Rooney told The Globe and Mail newspaper there were "lots of questions about what the hospital did and didn't do".

"He was only two hours away from Kelowna [where he lived], where he was living and had friends and support network," Mrs Rooney said.

"I don't know why they wouldn't have had a social worker come take him home."

The events leading up to Mr Rooney's visit to the hospital are as shrouded in mystery as his disappearance.

Canadian police say one of their officers was called to Christina Lake, a small town about 20 kilometres east of Grand Forks, where a man was "acting suspiciously".

"The male was identified as Owen Rooney, of Australia, and it appeared that he had been in a fight," Corporal Richard Lanz says in the video.

"He was offered to be taken to the hospital, which he declined. He was then taken to the bus depot in Grand Forks where he purchased a bus ticket to go to Kelowna [200 kilometres north-west].

"Owen got on the bus and shortly thereafter got off the bus and asked directions on how to go to the hospital

"He then left the Greyhound bus depot and went to the hospital."

Mr Rooney was last seen sitting at a picnic table outside the hospital about 8pm that day.

It has since emerged that he had been at the Shambala music festival near Salmo and had missed his ride back to Kelowna.

Mrs Rooney told the family's local newspaper, the Milton Ulladulla Times, that her son somehow found his way to Christina Lake, and was assaulted.

She said it was unusual for him to be involved in a fight.

"He was living at home 'til he was 22," Mrs Rooney said.

"In all that time, he never had a fight ever. He has a very good sense of humour and that's just not him."

A statement from Canada's Interior Health Authority, responding to the Rooneys's complaint, said Mr Rooney had been kept overnight for observation, the Globe and Mail reported.

The Kootenay Boundary health region's director of acute care, Ingrid Hampf, said patients were not restricted to their rooms.

"They can go outside or to the cafeteria; they can leave the property," Ms Hampf said.

"Owen did go outside a number of times on that summer day and did come back inside. While we can recommend a patient stay at our site for observation, we can't prevent a patient from leaving our facility – at times patients do leave prior to discharge; while not preferred, they are free to do so.

"There are only exceptional circumstances where the hospital and physicians can intervene, and that is, for example, if a patient has been committed under the Mental Health Act. That was not the case here."

Mr Rooney's parents and sisters, Bree and Kelly, are in Grand Forks.

Police have conducted three ground searches and a Facebook page has been set up to spread the word.

Bree and Kelly had been working with their brother in the Big White ski resort in Kelowna over the northern hemisphere winter.

The siblings had reportedly gone their separate ways after the skiing season finished. The sisters headed to Vancouver and Mr Rooney stayed in the area, The Daily Telegraph in Sydney reported.

Mr Rooney's bank account and Facebook profile have not been touched since he disappeared.

Police found messages between Mr Rooney and a young woman, who lived in Alberta, on his mobile phone. They are investigating the possiblity that he was heading east to see her.

"The four of us are in the same mind - that we really have to find him," Mrs Rooney told the Globe and Mail.

"In whatever form that happens, we have to find him."

Dark mystery of a missing Australian Owen Rooney


THE family of a Sydney man who vanished from a Canadian hospital more than one month ago are at a loss to explain his disappearance.

There has been no trace of 24-year-old Sydney electrician Owen Rooney since he disappeared from the Boundary Hospital in Grand Forks, Canada, on August 14, where he was being treated for facial bruising.

His 22-year-old sister Bree said they were at a loss to explain how Owen, "who had never been in a fight in his life", came to have two black eyes.

Owen had been on a working holiday in Canada with Bree and their sister Kelly when he disappeared.l

The siblings were due to return to Ulladulla, on the South Coast , in October.

Parents Sharon and Steve have joined the search for Owen.

"We haven't heard anything. My parents are here now. We'll stay until we find him," Bree said.

Owen was last seen at a picnic table outside the hospital. He disappeared before he was formally discharged and left his backpack behind. His passport was left behind in his apartment.

Owen's bank accounts and credit cards have not been touched nor has there been any activity on his Facebook page.

Owen had worked over the Canadian winter with his sisters at the Big White ski resort. At the end of the season the siblings had parted ways, with Owen deciding to stay in the area and work at a local restaurant while his sisters travelled to Vancouver.

Owen had been to the Shambhala Music Festival and was hitching 400km back to Kelowna when he was given a ride by a police officer.

The police officer has told authorities Owen appeared unwell and had bruises on his face so he had advised him to go to hospital.

The police officer had dropped Owen at the Grand Forks bus depot.

Owen made it to the hospital but has not been seen since.

His family are handing out missing person leaflets and plastering towns between Grand Forks and Kelowna with missing person posters.

"We don't know what has happened to him," Bree said.

"Anything I said would just be speculation. It's a police matter."

"We're just appealing to anyone who has seen Owen or been in contact with him to get in touch with us."


Images of missing Kelowna man's tattoos released

11/10/2010 -

AM1150 Newscentre

They released a video with an appeal for more information Wednesday, now the parents of a missing Kelowna man have released images of his tattoos.

Twenty-four year old Owen Rooney went missing on August 14th.

Ownen Rooney was last seen walking away from the hospital in Grand Forks where he was treated for a head injury.

He was going to take a bus back to Kelowna where he was working restaurant/hotel industry.

The tattoo with the triangle and the words "Australian Made" is on the outside of Rooney's right calf.

The other tattoo is the size of a the bottom of a coffee mug and is on his left shoulder blade.

Here is a link to the RCMP website where you can view the video.

Rooney is described as 5'9" and 160 lbs with brown hair. He was last seen wearing a dark t-shirt and 3/4 shorts.

Anyone with information on Owen Rooney's whereabouts is asked to call the Grand Forks RCMP detachement at 250-442-8288 or Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Aussie family extends search for missing son into Alberta

 Owen Rooney disappears after attending B.C.'s Shambalah Music Festival
By Sherri Zickefoose, Calgary Herald November 10, 2010


The parents of a missing Australian are turning their eyes to Alberta in search of their son.

Owen Rooney, 24, spent the summer in Kelowna, B.C., after working the previous winter at Big White Ski resort.

But days after attending the Shambalah Music Festival in Salmo, he disappeared. His family fears he got into trouble after experimenting with hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Rooney drifted to Nelson and Castlegar, then hitched a ride on Aug. 12 to Christina Lake.

There, he was the victim of a serious beating, his parents said.

He was picked up the next morning by police, who took him to the Grand Forks bus station after he refused to go to the hospital.

However, Rooney got off the bus, cashed in his ticket and went to the hospital, where he stayed overnight with two black eyes and head trauma.

That's where Rooney's parents say the story takes a troubling turn.

Rooney slipped away from the hospital the night of Aug. 14, leaving everything behind: his backpack, passport and broken cellphone.

"We don't know what his mental state is. He wasn't monitored at the hospital," said Sharron Rooney, who arrived Aug. 20 in Grand Forks, B.C., with her husband, Steve, to help search for their missing son.

"That Owen hasn't made any contact with his sisters or us is very unusual. After these three consecutive incidents combined, in the one week, he may be in a very questionable mental state -- he may not know who he is."

Police have Rooney listed as a missing person.

Before he went missing, Rooney sent several texts to a girlfriend in Grande Prairie, in northern Alberta. Sharron wonders if Owen hitchhiked to Alberta.

"His focus may have been to get to her," said Sharron.

"He had contacted me two days before and was ready to come home," she said, although he had not purchased an airplane ticket. His paycheque from working as a Kelowna pub cook remains uncashed.

Volunteer searchers and residents in Grand Forks are looking for the missing Australian.

Now, Sharron is trying to spread the word in the hope Albertans may know the whereabouts of her missing son.

A Facebook page has been set up called Help Find Owen Rooney and a web page can be found at www.find-owen.com.

Missing Australian spotted on Vancouver Island

Last Updated: Friday, November 26, 2010 | 12:04 PM PT

Police in Saanich say there have been three credible sightings of a missing Australian man on Vancouver Island this month.

Owen Rooney, 24, went missing on Aug. 14, when he walked away from a hospital in the B.C. Interior town of Grand Forks, leaving his belongings behind. He had reportedly been in a fight before arriving at the hospital.

Saanich police said people in Parksville, Nanaimo and Saanich reported seeing Rooney earlier this month. In at least two of the sightings, Rooney was seen selling dream-catchers door-to-door with other men.

Sgt. Dean Jantzen said the Saanich sighting is credible because the person reported having direct contact with Rooney. Jantzen asks anyone who sees Rooney to call 911 immediately.

Rooney stands 5-9", and weighs 160 pounds. His family has spent their lifesavings looking for him across the province since arriving in August.

Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columbia/story/2010/11/26/bc-owen-rooney-search-vancouver.html#ixzz16cCzV5Q4

Fresh hopes for family of missing Aussie man

16:30 AEST Sun Jan 2 2011 - nine MSN

The family of an Australian man missing in Canada has been given fresh hope after a witness came forward saying he had coffee with the 24-year-old weeks after he disappeared.

Owen Rooney has been missing since August 14 when he walked out of a hospital with head injuries in the western province of British Columbia after suffering head injuries from a fight.

He had been kicked in the head during a fight at an outdoor music concert and reportedly was hallucinating when he left the hospital.

Canadian Len Whitney has since come forward saying he had coffee with Rooney in September or early October at a truck stop in Edmonton, in the adjacent province of Alberta, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Whitney contacted Rooney's family last week after seeing a picture of the man on a missing persons poster.

He believes the man must have been the missing tourist because he talked about working in a truck company at Lac La Biche and saving money to get home to Australia.

Whitney said the man told him: "Things are screwed up, man. I was at a concert. I woke up in the hospital. My head hurts. I don't know where my stuff is. I've got a job in Lac La Biche."

According to Rooney's friends, the missing Australian was taking hallucinogenic drugs while attending the Shambhala Music Festival — but after his assault he spent the last two days of the event in a medical tent and missed his ride home.

On August 14 a police officer gave him a lift to a bus depot at Grand Forks from where he made his way to a local hospital.

He checked into the hospital but checked out again the same day.

His personal items, including his passport and credit cards, have not been touched since his disappearance.

His mother, her husband and their daughters have spent the past few months desperately scouring western Canada for Owen.

Family may abandon search for missing Aussie

Posted February 15th 2011 - ABC

The family of an Australian man missing in Canada for more than six months are considering abandoning their search.

Owen Rooney walked out of a British Columbia hospital last August and has not been seen since.

The 24-year-old ski-season worker was being treated for injuries suffered in an assault and was hallucinating after taking drugs.

His parents and sisters from the New South Wales south coast have been in Canada searching for him ever since.

His mother, Sharron Rooney, says they are deciding whether to return home.

"Financially we can't stay here forever and it's a huge decision to make, to leave here will be very, very hard without Owen," she said.

The family believes he is still alive, but that hallucinogenic drugs taken at a music festival before he went missing may be affecting his state of mind.

There have been no confirmed sightings of Mr Rooney since he disappeared.

But Ms Rooney says they have not lost hope.

"There's been ground searches and there's been helicopter searches and there's been information that he may be here, there or somewhere else," she said.

"It's sort of maybe a little bit harsh to say, but usually a body turns up, and one hasn't."

Missing Aussie 'may not know who he is'

04:00 AEST Wed Mar 9 2011 - Nine MSN

The family of Australian Owen Rooney, missing in Canada for almost seven months, has spent a long freezing winter roaming through small Canadian towns handing out missing person leaflets and chasing possible sightings.

The Rooney family, which includes Owen's parents and three siblings, is clinging to the hope the young traveller is still alive and may not know who he is.

PHOTOS: Family's desperate search

But they also feel frustrated by "loose ends" in the investigation such as why Owen sent about 10 text messages to his ex-girlfriend the night before he disappeared and what made him walk out of a hospital without telling anyone, while still recovering from head trauma, and leave behind his broken phone and backpack.

MAP: Owen's last known movements

"The reason why we don't want to leave Canada, the reason why we're still here," his mother Sharron said, "is because of these loose ends".

Vanished without a trace

Owen disappeared on August 14 after taking off from Boundary Hospital in Grand Forks, a small rural town bounded by woodlands in British Columbia.

The 24-year-old Sydney electrician was not acting himself in the days before his disappearance.

He attended a four-day music festival where drugs were freely available and friends say he had a bad reaction to "magic mushrooms", with the normally fun-loving, affable if quietly-spoken young traveller becoming unsettled and paranoid.

After the festival he missed a ride back to Kelowna, a ski town where he was living and working during the off season.

Owen tried to hitch-hike his way back but at one town he was bashed by two people after apparently walking up to a random house a number of times thinking that his ex-girlfriend Dawn was inside.

Ex-girlfriend's first public comment

Dawn Larson, from Edmonton in Alberta, told ninemsn she cannot recall exactly what Owen said in the flurry of text messages he sent her that night of August 13 but says he did not mention the assault.

"He said he thought he had insulted some sham guy and was wondering if I knew where he was. I have no idea what he was talking about. I've never been anywhere that way before," she said in an email to ninemsn.

The pair had remained friends and last saw each other at a sports and music festival in Kelowna on August 1.

"It was not like him to message me the way he was. He didn't make much sense. It didn't sound like him," Ms Larson said.

Police do not suspect Dawn is in any way involved with Owen's disappearance.

Short-lived hospital stay

Owen was picked up by police the next day, August 14, and admitted to Boundary Hospital where he was seen by a physician.

He took off sometime between 6.15pm and 7pm without telling hospital staff.

"We haven't found any indication of which way he went," mother Sharron said. "Did he go east or west along the highway?"

Mrs Rooney has complained that the hospital did not properly monitor Owen's condition and that doctors should have conducted a CT scan or toxicology test to better understand his erratic behaviour.

But British Columbia health authorities say a review of patient care found Owen received appropriate care throughout his stay and the decision to order a CT or any other test would have been up to the physician and based on clinical findings.

Interior Health's vice president of acute services, Allan Sinclair, told ninemsn: "Staff were aware of Owen and interacted with him regularly — not only in his room but in other areas of the hospital and outside on the grounds … Boundary Hospital is a small community hospital, so any patients who are in a bed there would be known to nursing and other staff and receive very personal care."

Overseas adventure-turned-nightmare

Owen had been travelling and working around British Columbia for several months with his sisters Kelly, 26, and Bree, 23, although the girls were on the west coast at the time Owen vanished.

The three of them were due to return to Australia last October.

Now Owen's whole family is in Canada looking for him from a base in Penticton, just south of Kelowna.

Mother Sharron and father Steve walked away from their small businesses in Ulladulla, on the NSW south coast, and his brother Sean, 29, joined the search just before Christmas.

They've set up a Facebook page and a 'Find Owen' webpage dedicated to locating him.

"Physically and emotionally it's been very tough," said Mrs Rooney.

"We really believe that Owen probably doesn’t know who he is, like he's in some sort of state of disconnect. So therefore our aim is to … get as much facial coverage out there as we can."

Family still searching for Aussie in Canada

Dan Karpenchuk - ABC

Posted September 05, 2011 07:05:28

More than a year after Australian tourist Owen Rooney disappeared from the western Canadian town of Grand Forks, his family is again seeking the public's help in finding him.

The 24-year-old disappeared in British Columbia's interior in August last year.

He was last seen at the town's hospital, where he had been treated for a head injury sustained in a fight.

He checked out of the hospital, leaving his belongings behind.

Since then, the Rooney family has devoted its time, energy and life savings to finding him.

His parents have returned to Australia, but his two sisters stayed in Canada working with police in the search.

At first, there was a flood of tips coming in, but police say those leads have dried up and they have not made progress in their investigation.

They say they recently reviewed Mr Rooney's mobile telephone records, and will again go door-to-door in the area where he was last seen.

Report criticizes hospital for care of missing Australian

CBC News Posted: Oct 14, 2011 12:06 PM PT Last Updated: Oct 14, 2011 12:01 PM PT

An internal report says medical staff at Boundary Hospital in Grand Forks, B.C., could have done more to help a young Australian man who later vanished from the hospital.

Owen Rooney, 24, admitted himself to Boundary Hospital in August 2010 after attending Shambhala Music Festival. He had taken hallucinogenic mushrooms at the four-day rave, and was beaten in Christina Lake on his way back home to Kelowna.

After an overnight stay, Rooney mysteriously left the hospital, leaving his backpack, cell phone and wallet behind.

His family were critical of how staff at the Boundary Hospital cared for their son, and demanded Interior Health investigate.

Interior Health has now finished an internal report into his care, which found Rooney's treatment was generally good, but there were problems.

The report states Rooney was confused and depressed, and staff should have called social services. It also says medical observations of Rooney were poorly documented, and communication with his family could have been better.

Owen's mother, Sharron Rooney, says she hopes recommendations made in the report are followed by Boundary Hospital.

She and her family searched tirelessly across Western Canada for Owen. The entire Rooney family left their lives in Australia and moved to Canada in hopes of finding him.

They've since given up the search and returned home, but Sharron Rooney says the family hasn't given up hope Owen is still alive, somewhere.

B.C. missing man still not in RCMP database

Three years since Owen Rooney, 24, vanished in Grand Forks

CBC News Posted: Aug 14, 2013 6:31 AM PT Last Updated: Aug 14, 2013 9:55 PM PT


The mother of an Australian man who vanished from a hospital in Grand Forks, B.C., three years ago wonders why her son is still not listed on the RCMP’s national database of missing persons.

CBC News has learned police at the rural detachment only heard last month about CanadasMissing.ca, set up in January to assist RCMP in locating missing persons across the country.

'The family is asking for resolution ... nothing that anybody can tell us will be any worse than what we've imagined.'—Sharron Rooney, Mother

Sharron Rooney says she is upset to discover her son Owen Rooney's file is missing.

"Is it up to us to make sure it's on all the government authorities? Gee, it would be good to have some help with that," Rooney said.

When CanadasMissing.ca went live at the start of the year, the RCMP said cases would be added to the site by request of investigators.

"We were just advised by B.C. Missing Person's section on July 24 that this site exists, and we were given instructions on how we can get him added to that site," said Staff Sgt. Jim Harrison, detachment commander in Grand Forks.

Harrison says the detachment is now working to translate Rooney’s file into French — a requirement of the system — after which both versions will be posted online.

Mysterious case

Today marks three years since Rooney vanished.

The 24-year-old checked himself into Boundary Hospital after suffering a bad reaction to hallucinogenic mushrooms at the Shambhala Music Festival. He had also been beaten in nearby Christina Lake on his way back to Kelowna.

After an overnight stay, Rooney mysteriously left the hospital, leaving his backpack, cell phone and wallet behind.

An Interior Health internal investigation showed the hospital should have done more to help the depressed young man, like notifying social services and calling his family.

Sharron Rooney spent eight months in B.C. trying to track him down after he disappeared. She has since returned to Australia but is still looking for leads.

"The family is asking for resolution," she said.

"We love Owen absolutely to the maximum. We don't care what information it is — it can be as good as bad or — nothing that anybody can tell us will be any worse than what we've imagined."

Rooney is described as being five feet eleven inches tall and with a 'Made In Australia' tattoo on his right leg.

Anyone with information is asked to call the RCMP.