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         Australian Missing Persons Register    

                                NSW Missing Persons  - MALE        


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                                                     Prabhdeep Singh Srawn

Quinn MARTIN   Darren WILLIS       Peter JEACLE    Garry WELLS    Andrew BOURKE     Jason DAVIES    Radosav STANISAVLJEVIC        Prabhdeep SRAWN


     Anthony FAHEY





Martin ERASMUS     Sean WALSH      Bach NGUYEN   Wilson BISTA    Scott BROWN   Colin BELL   Robert NEVILLE  


Nathan KAIN     Peter GARVEN        James WEST     George ROSS    


Leslie HICKS  


                                                           2004 - 2005 



Fabian DIENI        Christopher STOTT      Zhi Yi LU             Kevin SELF       Peter RAPTIS    Ashley BINDON



Peter BREW      John FRENCH   Asif HADI   Marion KUCHARSKI    John ROSEN   Charles SUDDUTH   Allan VITNELL    Benjamin STEPHENS


                                                       2002 - 2003



   Steven PLATT     Mathew BIRCOT      Ante SIKIC     Sydney COLLINS   Mahmoud SLEIMAN         Paul COX    


Terence PAYLING     Ian STANTON     Rafael VANEGAS    Malcolm WONS   Scott NEVEN    Shane SPILLER   Brendan CRINIS


Michael NOVAK   John GREEN             John BURNS


                                                         2000 - 2001



Wojtek STASIAK     Young SONG       Qing YUE CHEN      Robert WILSON    Patrick GALLATY   David BROWN          Ian DRAPER      Zoran KOSTANTINNOVIC


Gregory LEITCH        Iain MACKILLOP  Peter COLEMAN Saverio GANINO   Mark TAYLOR Neville BAILEY   Emile SIRKA




Lazaros ANASTASSIADIS       Chris LANE      Gerard MOONEY       Seok YOU            Mark MORRISON      Donald ROTHFIELD  Habtom GHILAGABER


Robert PENDERGAST      Duc LUU        Richard SAJKO   Koji SHIRAISHI   John WALKER     Yuan BIN GAO    John DOYLE     Terence HALL


Wayne PICKETT       Peter FINN    Suat TEKIN   Eric WARBURTON            Barry AYTON   Graeme FISHER       Leslie BLANCH  William FISHER   Ronald PENN


Christopher CHILLINGWORTH     John DELOOZE    Peter GRIFFIN   Robert MARTIN   Wayne GILLIS   Peter MESSARITI    George PALMER  Andreas HORBAN





 Warren LONG       Paul SHERIDAN-STACEY     Richard LEAPE   Lazaro ROIG    George BROOK   Felice COLUCCIO       Mark MELVILLE   Andrew ANDERSON


Max TANCEVSKI    Max SMEAL        Ian HOMFRAY    David HOSKINS    Peter WON    Gregory DIAMOND  Stephen MARTIN   Howard ISRAEL   Graham MONK


Joe BIVIANO       Spiros GEORGAKOPOULAS     Gregory GRIFFITHS    Wayne EASTLEY    Mervyn RUSHTON   Douglas GONINON   William ROACH  Steven CAMPBELL


William FENSON   Michael O'CONNELL   Peter DRUMMOND   Stacy De SIELVIE   Jeffrey NEVILLE      Peter LENDVAY   David OLIVER       Stephen ROACH


Alfred DREW     Harry YOUL     Thomas PHILLIPS




Gilles Jaques MATTAINI   Ross WARREN  Christopher STEPHENS  Grant RODGERS      James HOWE                  Barry PENNELL     Bernard REARDON


Alan DUNCAN     Andrew ROBINSON      Andrew INGLIS        Gregory BENNETT      Paul NORTON        Ee CHAN          Keith BROWN   Derrick HART

Dzung NGUYEN (photo unavailable)



John Howard     Marcus ALLCORN    Anthony PAYNE     Jeffrey HINES    Teodor MASTIHUBA   Brian KEWIN      Peter BAUMANN    Timothy MARTIN   Leslie TOSHAK


Inspector Ken PRICE     

Michael Hutchins   (Photo unavailable)

  Noel Wildash  (Photo unavailable)

  Rhett Bosler   (Photo unavailable)

  Philip Pembroke  (Photo unavailable)



Stephen JELFS   Robert WOOLCOCK    Jack BELLCHAMBERS   Donald MACKAY      Stephen LAPTHORNE        Alan FOX          Barry VEITCH      Calogero FALCO




Prior to 1970


Donald FARTHING     Gregory LOVE        John BENNETT     Stanley COOPER


    *This is the oldest case on the Register, John went missing in 1920 near Cobar, NSW


This section is for missing persons who were previously reported but no longer appear on the NSW Police missing persons enquiry system. If you know these people have been located please contact me ASAP so I can remove them from the website.



      Ian BAILEY       Wayne WILLIAMS   Timothy QUARMBY    Paul ROGERS     John MARTIN


Viktor MITRIOUCHKINE   Stephen TOTH    

           Darryl SCHAFER  (NSW Police requested photo not displayed)   




If you have seen any of the people listed on these pages please call the National Missing Persons Co-Ordination Centre on 1800 000 634 or Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000.

I can be contacted by e mail - aussiemissing@internode.on.net

or Nicole@australianmissingpersonsregister.com

or phone - 0422 341 955

*Please note - if you find someone on my website who you know has been located PLEASE contact me so I can remove them! The Police don't always provide this information to me so the only way I can know is if someone tells me. The LAST thing I want is to cause the families of the missing any further pain.

Every day in New South Wales, 25 people are reported missing. For their family and friends the wait for contact or information can be agonising. The good news is however, that the NSW Police Missing Persons Unit exists to help find your loved ones. 99% of missing people reported to the unit are located, with strong assistance from the community.

• 35,000 people are reported missing each year in Australia – one person every 15 minutes.
• In 2011, over 12 000 people were reported missing to police in NSW. Of those people, 46 remain missing.
• From the start of 2010 to May 2012, 17,467 juveniles (that is young people 17 years or under) were reported missing in NSW. Of this, 60% were female and 40% male.
• The most common age for young people to go missing is 14 years of age.
• The average time a young person goes missing before they are found in NSW is 4.3 days. Young males tend to go missing for a slightly long time than females, while Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander (ATSI) young people tend to go missing for a longer time (6 days) compared to non-ATSI young people.
• It’s important to remember to let your family or friends know when your plans change, so they know you are safe and well.
• It’s not a crime to go missing. People go missing for many different reasons: conflicts within families and other relationships, mental illness or through suspicious circumstances.

• If a person is reported missing to police, enquires into their whereabouts will be made by police. Police or a person in authority have to sight the person, even if they have returned home, after they have been reported missing to ensure that they are safe and well. They will not be in any trouble and the person’s welfare is the main concern.
• Do not wait 24 hours to report someone is missing if there are fears for their safety and their location is unknown.
• This is an issue that has the potential to affect everyone irrespective of age, gender, sexuality, class, ethnicity, culture, profession or educational background.
• There are currently more than 600 people listed as long-term missing in NSW, that is, missing for more than 12 months.
• As an organisation, the NSW Police Force is continually investigating and exploring opportunities to help reunite missing people with their loved ones.
• Don’t assume that someone else has reported a person missing.

The NSW Police Force would like to thank the Outdoor Media Association for their assistance with Missing Persons Week 2012.

The Outdoor Media Association has kindly donated $100,000 worth of advertising space that has allowed Missing Persons Week to be advertised across 348 sites and 50 taxi backs across NSW.

Police would also like to thank the Westfield Group who promoted Missing Persons Week 2012 throughout their shopping centres and NSW Police Force Facebook and Twitter followers for sharing and ‘re-tweeting’ our messages.


• In the past year over 11,000 people have been reported missing in New South Wales. (35,000 nationally).
• 23% of those reported missing were considered to be related to some form of mental illness or disorder.
• Nearly half of those reported missing are 16 years and under.
• Nearly 10% of persons reported are aged over 60.
• Males and females go missing in equal numbers.
• Over 99% of missing persons are located: 70% within three days, 86% within two weeks.
• The most common missing persons are girls aged 13 to 15.
• Research indicates that for each person reported missing there are 12 people directly affected by their disappearance.
• Police are keen to raise community awareness of missing persons in an effort to reduce the numbers of persons who put themselves at risk by going missing.


It is important for people to be aware that being reported missing is not a crime and that it is the aim of the NSW Police to ascertain if the missing person is safe and well.

 If you do NOT wish to return home you do NOT have to, and the Police will NOT make you! They simply need to ascertain if you are safe and well and once that is established they can remove you from the Missing lists.