Linda Francis SIDON aka Linda JACKSON

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Name: SIDON,
Linda Francis
D.O.B: 1962
Height: 170 cm
Complexion: Caucasian
Eye Colour:  
Hair Colour: Black
Build: Thin
Distinguishing Features:  
Last Heard: SIDON was last seen in June 2009 on the Gold Coast. Photo above far right shows Linda at the gym a couple of days before she went missing.


Linda Sidon (also known as Linda Jackson) was last seen by a family member on the Gold Coast near the time she disappeared in June 2009. It was believed she intended to visit family in New Zealand, however investigations revealed she did not leave Australia. She does not speak with a New Zealand accent.


Police search Gold Coast hinterland for missing Linda Sidon

  • A Gold Coast woman feared murdered had not been seen for more than a year before being reported missing.

    Police say Linda Francis Sidon was living with her son Daniel at their Ashmore home in June 2009, however authorities were only notified of her disappearance at the end of 2010.

"She has not left Australia, she has not gone back to New Zealand. All inquiries would suggest that she hasn't left the Gold Coast either. As a consequence of our inquiries we believe that she has met foul play, and we believe that occurred back in June of 2009," Superintendent Hutchinson said.

He said Mrs Sidon had anxiety, depression and was suffering from anorexia, but authorities did not believe she took her own life.

Police are calling for anyone who was friends with Mrs Sidon around 2009, or gave her work as a cleaner, to come forward.

She had been living at a housing commission property at Galloway 

Drive in Ashmore for about 10 years, and had not been in contact with Daniel's father since he was a young boy.

"The investigation ran for some time and it's always...been ticking along. But the pace of the investigation increased recently as a consequence of fresh information," Superintendent Hutchinson said.

"We do have a number of avenues of inquiries that we're following at this point."

Anyone with information should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or at


Son charged with murder of his mother Linda Sidon, missing from Gold Coast for more than six years

A GOLD Coast man accused of murdering his missing mother had called his mother a ‘whore and a bogan’, boasted how it would be ‘so easy to snap her neck’ and told how he had thrown her across a room, police will allege.

Covert listening devices planted by police in his home and car allegedly recorded Daniel Paul Heazlewood talking to himself about his mother’s disappearance.

The allegations are contained in court documents filed with the police brief which paint a chilling picture.

Heazlewood, 28, faced Southport Magistrates Court today charged with the cold case murder of his mother Linda Sidon, who disappeared in June 2009.

He was arrested in Brisbane on Wednesday after Surfers Paradise detectives had unsuccessfully scoured bushland for Ms Sidon’s body and used lasers, capable of detecting blood under paint, to search her former Housing Commission unit at Ashmore.

A police court brief alleges Ms Sidon’s New Zealand-based father reported her missing.

He told police he believed she had been murdered because Heazlewood ‘beats her up a lot’.

In January 2011, Heazlewood allegedly told police that he ‘just came home one day and she was gone’. He allegedly told them he had ‘not made any inquiries to find her’.

Friends of Heazlewood allegedly told police that he disliked his mother and ‘spoke unkindly of her lifestyle, her appearance and her family’.


Police will claim his former girlfriend told investigators that Heazlewood was ‘mentally abusive and manipulative’ and regularly used steroids in 2009 which made him ‘aggressive and violent’.

Heazlewood had told her that he had ‘no respect’ for his mother.

Police also allege Heazlewood told his former girlfriend that during an argument, he had shoved Ms Sidon ‘and was surprised at how far she went across the room’.

Another female friend told police that Heazlewood had threatened to ‘put your head through the concrete and put you in a place where no-one can find you’.

In a statement to police, Ms Sidon’s psychiatrist said she had told him that Heazlewood was ‘physically threatening’ towards her’.

In August this year, Heazlewood allegedly told a female housemate that his mother was a ‘whore, bogan and a c...’.

Police later traced Heazlewood on trips to the Numinbah Valley where they believe Ms Sidon’s body is buried.

Heazlewood showed no emotion during his brief court appearance.

Accused murderers have to go to the Supreme Court to seek bail and Heazlewood was remanded in custody until his next court date on November 10.

Outside court, defence lawyer Chris Rosser said the Crown case was circumstantial. He said his client denied the allegations and would apply for bail in the Supreme Court.

Heazlewood’s friend, Stephanie Dahl, said she was shocked at the allegations.

“Being a friend I do support him, that’s all I’ve really got to say at the moment,’ she said.

“It’s very full-on obviously.”

EARLIER:THE son of missing Gold Coast woman Linda Sidon has faced court charged with her cold case murder.

Police arrested Daniel Heazlewood, 28, in Brisbane on Wednesday and later charged him with murdering his mother who disappeared in June 2009. Her body has not yet been found.

Heazlewood had been named as a key person of interest in the investigation.

Sitting in the dock of Southport Magistrates Court today, he showed no emotion.

Accused murderers have to go to the Supreme Court to apply for bail and Heazlewood was remanded in custody until his next court date on November 10.

The arrest came after police received new information on Ms Sidon’s disappearance and ramped up the investigation.

In August, they scoured bushland in the Numinbah Valley and this week they used lasers, capable of detecting blood under paint, to search Ms Sidon’s former Housing Commission unit at Ashmore.

Ms Sidon, 46, suffered from anorexia and depression and police initially thought she may have taken her own life.

However, they received undisclosed information which led them to suspect foul play.

POLICE have made a major cold-case breakthrough in the investigation of a Gold Coast woman missing for more than six years, with her son last night charged with murder.

Linda Sidon, 46, vanished in June 2009 after visiting her doctor.

She was a reclusive figure who worked part-time as a cleaner and lived with her son in a humble Housing Commission home.

Ms Sidon suffered ­anorexia and depression and police initially thought she may have taken her own life.

However, police now believe Ms Sidon was murdered by her 28-year-old son Daniel Heazlewood some time after June 19, 2009.

Heazlewood was arrested in Brisbane yesterday and transported to Southport Watch­house, where he was charged with murder.

He is expected to face court this morning.

Last night, his lawyer Chris Rosser said Ms Sidon’s son was shocked at his arrest, despite being identified by police as a person of interest some weeks ago.

“He was quite taken aback when he was arrested,” he said. “He has ­consistently denied having anything to do with her disappearance and he has been co-operating with police.”

He said the case against his client appeared largely circumstantial.

Ms Sidon’s body has never been found.


Police dig for body of Linda Sidon in Gold Coast’s Numinbah Valley

POLICE have made another breakthrough in the search for missing mum Linda Sidon, narrowing in on what they believe to be her final resting place.

Ms Sidon, 46, vanished without a trace six years ago. Her son was arrested last week and charged with murder.

While he sits in jail awaiting court appearances, police have this morning excavated a hole in bushland at the remote Numinbah Valley.

Detective Superintendent Dave Hutchinson told reporters Ms Sidon’s son Daniel Heazlewood had been to the search area with police the previous day and identified specific areas where his mother’s body may lay.

Detective Supt Hutchinson would not comment on whether the development was an admission of guilt by Mr Heazlewood, who has previously protested his innocence.