Mark Marinus JANSEN

D.O.B.  1963
Last seen: 13 November 1994
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Complexion: Fair
Height: 190cm
Build: Medium

Circumstances: Mark was last seen by his business partner at the rear of the business at 13-15 Pultney Street, Dandenong.  Concerns are held for his safety and welfare.

Mark Marinus Jansen, born 20 February 1963, was last seen by his business partner on 12 November 1994. He left work in Dandenong at around 5pm.

Mark is a fishmonger by occupation and has been involved in the industry all his life. His family say it is totally out of character for Mark to simply up and leave.

Mark is 192cm tall, of thin build, with brown shoulder length hair, blue eyes and a fair complexion. He also has a noticeable dark coloured stain on his front tooth.

**Mark's sister has this plea to him -

Mark you've been gone a long time now. If you are out there, you need to come home. Mum really needs you now. I am all she has now that Dad is gone. Mum and I really miss you.

Plea to find father missing for 12 years
Chantal Rumble - The Age
July 31, 2006

ON A Saturday night 12 years ago, young sisters Lichelle and Mandy Jansen sat with their mother in a suburban restaurant, waiting for their father.

He never came.

Mark Jansen, a Melbourne fishmonger, was last seen leaving his workplace at 5pm on November 12, 1994.

Mr Jansen is one of about 30,000 Australians who go missing every year. In the past year, almost 7000 Victorians were reported missing ó more than 19 people a day. Nearly half the cases involved people aged under 18. Most have been found, but for some families the agony of the unknown remains.

At yesterday's launch of National Missing Persons Week, Mark Jansen's family made a desperate plea for information.

"It's the worst thing that could happen to anyone. Every night as I go to sleep I cry, I pray to God to just give us some answers," his mother Dorothy said. "Whoever has done something to him, just let us know where his remains are. If there is that 1 per cent hope that he is alive, just ring us up, please."

Lichelle Jansen, who was eight when her father disappeared, cried as she spoke: "Dad, if you are watching, please come home. We all love you deeply."

Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Simon Overland called on the public to help police.

"Any piece of information Ö could be the final link police need to end the questions of family and friends," he said.

Profiles of Mr Jansen and nine other missing people have been released nationally. Photographs will be displayed at Federation Square and on interactive iHubs in Melbourne.

Anyone with information is urged to ring Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Families missing out on love
Shannon McRae - Melbourne Herald Sun
July 31, 2006 12:00am

LICHELLE Jansen has spent all her teenage years wondering what it would be like to have a father in her life.

The 20-year-old was just eight when her father, Mark Jansen, disappeared. The father of two, who was 34 when he vanished, never came home after leaving his work as a fishmonger at Dandenong on November 12, 1994.
Mr Jansen is one of hundreds of Victorians who disappear without a trace every year, leaving shattered family desperately searching for answers to alleviate their heartache.

Ms Jansen yesterday issued a tearful appeal for any information on her father, marking the start of National Missing Persons Week. "To grow up without a father is not an easy journey," she said.

"My family and myself have felt helpless since his disappearance. We have had no closure or answers. I still say to myself every day: 'Why me?' Dad, please come home. We all love you deeply. I really miss you."

Pam Utheyakumar and her family have also felt the pain of a family member lost, after reporting Mahalingham Sinnathamby missing last November. The Sri Lankan immigrant, who spoke very little English, was engulfed by depression after the deaths of two of his children.

"We just don't know what has happened. We need to know, it is awful," Ms Utheyakumar said.

Police deputy commissioner Simon Overland said police were able to find missing people in

98 per cent of cases, but were frustrated by the remaining 2 per cent.

Between June last year and July this year, 6908 people were reported missing to police in Victoria.

ANYONE with information on missing people is urged to call 1800 333 000

By Rebecca Fraser
3rd August 2006 09:50:31 AM
The Star

Meanwhile, the family of an Endeavour Hills man missing almost 12 years have spoken of the pain and suffering they have endured trying to find answers to solve his disappearance.

Mark Jansen disappeared in November 1994 and his family is growing increasingly desperate for closure to what it has labeled a nightmare situation.

Mr Jansenís family says it has been haunted by the unknown and now wants to know where he is after more than a decade of fruitless hunting and investigating by relatives and police.

Sister Paula Bunting, 40, and daughter Lichelle Jansen, 20, now of Tarneit, are leading a public appeal for information about Mr Jansenís whereabouts as part of Missing Persons Week.

Anyone with information about Mark Jansenís whereabouts should phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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