Amelia Fua HAUSIA

                                                                                             Above - Age-progression photo of what Amelia may look like in 2010


Editor's note - the AFP lists Amelia's middle name as Toa but in Kim's poem below she states it's Fua, so I have changed it. If Amelia's family would like to contact me to let me know which is correct?

Age at time of disappearance:
18 years
Build: Medium
Height: 160 cm
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Distinguishing Features/Other:
Amelia was last seen at a local shopping centre, ACT. She went missing after a fight with her boyfriend. In July 1993 she contacted her natural mother in Tonga by phone and stated that she was still alive. Amelia has not been seen or heard of since.
Amelia was last seen in the Australian Capital Territory in December 1992. Amelia has made no contact with family or friends since this date. There was an unconfirmed report that she was seen in Canberra approximately two years ago. There are concerns for her safety and welfare.

February 23, 2008 Saturday
Final Edition
Police use forensic artist in missing person cold case
Noel Towell; Police Reporter
Police have called in an interstate forensic artist to help solve a 15-year missing person cold case.

Amelia Hausia went missing from her Downer home on December 17, 1992, after celebrating her graduation from Lake Ginninderra College.

The Tongan-born teenager was 17 at the time of her disappearance and Territory police yesterday issued an image of Amelia as she might look today, aged 33.

The image was prepared by Victorian Police forensic artist Detective Sergeant Adrian Paterson and is the first time the technique has been used in the territory.

Detective Sergeant Paterson leads the Victorian Criminal Identification squad and was the man who identified Bali bomber Amrosi.

Police are also cooperating with Channel 9 TV show Missing Persons Unit in a further effort to publicise the case and solve the mystery.

Detective Senior Constable Bernie Neill, who leads the hunt for the territory's missing, said Amelia was last seen when she returned home about 3am after a fight with her boyfriend.

The teenager left the house the following morning, leaving a note telling her aunt that she was going for a walk to clear her head.

"She wasn't in the best of moods when she came home that night," Senior Constable Neill said.

"She'd had a fight with her boyfriend. At 10am the next morning, her aunt went to check on Amelia in her bed.

"She wasn't there but had left a note saying ... she would ring later.

"The call never came and none of the family members have seen Amelia since December 17, 1992."

In the months following her disappearance there were reported sightings of Amelia in the ACT, Melbourne, and the NSW South Coast.

In mid-1993, six months after she vanished, the teenager was reported to have telephoned her mother in Tonga and said she was alive, but since then, there had been no trace of Amelia Hausia.

"It's been 15 years now and we thought that by speaking to the family and appealing to the public, we might be able to discover someone who has seen something or knows something," Senior Constable Neill said.

"By speaking to Detective Sergeant Paterson and using the resource that he provides and getting something new and fresh out there, someone might realise that they have seen her or they might know her."

About 1000 people are reported missing to ACT Policing year with the vast majority 99.5-per-cent found within 24 hours.

There are nine ACT residents listed as long-term missing after not being sighted for 60 days or more.

Four ACT women Elizabeth Herfort, Megan Mulquiney, Wendy Dalla and Amelia have been missing for more than a decade and are listed on the National Missing Persons Unit's list.


Kim’s prayer...

Kim O’Donnell’s step-sister, Amelia Hausia, went missing in December 1992.  Amelia was last seen at a local shopping centre in the ACT and was last heard from after she phoned her biological mother in Tonga to tell her that she was okay. No further contact has been made since.

On behalf of Amelia’s extended family and friends Kim read a poem she had written for the NSW Missing Persons Week Church Service 2007:

Amelia Fua Hausia, born 21st July 1974. Daughter, sister, niece,

grand-daughter, aunty and friend. A strong woman raised

together with her loving and resilient Tongan and Aboriginal families.

Mia - her nickname affectionately used when we share our

individual memories and stories about her.

Energetic, spirited, lots of ‘fuzzy hair’!

Loves dancing, singing, playing sport and her family and friends.

Infectious laughter inquisitive nieces and nephews longing to meet


Away for 15 years, missed by many, but not forgotten. We will

never lose hope of seeing her again. Hope is the ingredient that

keeps our spirits strong. Amelia, please come home if you can. We

love and miss you deeply...