Gregory Christopher BENNETT

Missing person from NSW Gregory Christopher Bennett


Gregory Bennett has been missing for almost 32 years.

DOB: 1947 
HAIR: Brown BUILD: Medium EYES: Blue/Gray                    Complexion - Fair
Distinguishing Features: 
Distinct facial scars and long hair


Possible? Tattoo of rose on left shoulder.

Original report - Gregory was last seen at Penrith, Sydney on Friday 4th November 1988. Gregory has not been seen or heard from since. It is thought that he may be living in a type of commune in the Blue Mountains area.

Updated report - Gregory Christopher Bennett was last seen by a friend on the 4th of November 1988 at a Lemongrove address.He may have frequented the Blue Mountains area. His family hold grave concerns for his welfare.

Reported missing to: Missing Persons Unit.