Missing women's last known movements

Celena Bridge
- Aged 27. Traveller.
- Last been seen alive hiking along Booloumba Creek Road on July 16, 1998, on her way to a weekend birdwatching camp.
- Last person to speak to her was Piabun farm supervisor Geoff Turner, whom she had approached to ask for directions to the camping ground.
- Maroochydore coroner Paul Johnstone on November 15, 2002, considered the most likely scenario was that Ms Bridge had been abducted on the 1.5km stretch of Booloumba Creek Road between where she met Mr Turner and the camping ground
- Her body and possessions disposed of by her killer.

Sabrina Ann Glassop
- Aged 46. Teachers aide from Kenilworth
- Last been seen alive by her husband, Eric Glassop, about 8.30pm on May 28, 1999, at her home on the corner of Booloumba Creek Rd.
 - The next morning Mrs Glassop's parents, Joan and John Worsley, who lived in a caravan next to the house, had heard her dogs stirring and her car being driven off quickly towards Kenilworth.
- The car, with a steering lock in position, was found later that day parked about 500m from her home.
 - No trace of her or pet poodle Poppy had ever been found.

Coroner's findings
Maroochydore coroner Paul Johnstone on November 15, 2002, delivered his findings into the women's disappearance.
He found both women had been murdered, "having met with foul play resulting in their untimely deaths" with their bodies subsequently concealed by their murderer.
In 2002 a person serving a life term for a separate murder was linked to the disappearance of the girls, however Mr Johnstone ruled there was no direct evidence to commit him or anyone else for trial.