Surekha Bai ENGLEDOW

ENGLEDOW, Surekha Bai



Name: Surekha Bai ENGLEDOW
Last seen: 12th of July 1996
Year of Birth: 1967
Sex: Female
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Height: 165cm
Build: Medium build
Complexion: Dark
Circumstances: Surekha had been travelling/camping at various locations around the Cape York/Cooktown area with her husband and three children. The last known sighting of Surekha was in the Cooktown area after spending a week in Cairns. Her husband and three children have since left Australia but Surekha has not been seen since June 1996. She is described as approximately 165cms tall, with a medium build and black hair. There are grave concerns for Surekha's welfare.

Police prepare murder case against husband

SYDNEY - Queensland police are preparing an application to extradite the husband of missing New Zealander Surekha Engledow to face a murder charge.

Mrs Engledow, aged 29, disappeared without trace during a camping holiday with husband Nicholas and their three children in May 1996.

The family arrived in Australia that month to start a new life after selling their home in Auckland.

Queensland detectives spent three weeks in New Zealand in February collecting more than 80 statements during inquiries in Auckland and Nelson.

Detective Senior Constable Karen Friedrichs said yesterday that police were now in the process of completing a brief of evidence for state prosecutors.

"Ultimately, the aim is to try to extradite Mr Engledow and present a murder charge against him," she said.

The application was still some months away, and she would not say with which country it would be lodged.

"The issue of where Mr Engledow is at the moment is very sensitive to what we are doing with the investigation," she said.

In September 1996, Mr Engledow, who is understood to be English by birth, returned to New Zealand with the children but without his wife, and began living in Nelson.

Police were not told that Mrs Engledow was missing until early 1997, when relatives tried to contact her.

In July 1997, Mr Engledow told Nelson police in a videotaped interview that his wife had run off with another man in Cairns.

Later that year, he won custody of the children from a cousin of Mrs Engledow and left New Zealand, reportedly for Britain.

Detective Senior Constable Friedrichs said the inquiries in New Zealand had produced "a lot of information."

"It just firmed up the evidence that we had of the likelihood of Mr Engledow's involvement in her disappearance," she said. "I believe we have a strong circumstantial brief."

Late last year, police made renewed attempts to retrace the family's movements through Queensland, which included an 1800km journey by four-wheel-drive vehicle from Brisbane to Cairns.

Detective Senior Constable Friedrichs said police believed Mrs Engledow disappeared in the Cape York region of North Queensland, but it was hard to pinpoint exactly where because of the size and nature of the area.

"We never expect to find a body because the type of terrain we are looking at is just a vast extent of bush and creeks and wildlife," she said.

"But we have narrowed down the period of time and a location where she did go missing."




Police seeking ex-girlfriend in missing person case

Australian police investigating the disappearance of a former New Zealand woman are seeking an ex-girlfriend of the woman's husband.

Surekha Engledow vanished in Australia in May 1996 during a camping holiday with her husband, Nicholas Engledow, and their three children. The family had previously lived on the North Shore.

Australian police are considering whether to extradite Mr Engledow from England to face charges.

Detective Sergeant David Timms of Queensland said investigators were seeking a woman named Jill who was a girlfriend of Mr Engledow's during the mid-1980s. She was believed to be a Maori solo mother.