Edward John FAULKNER


Build: Solid
Height: 184 cm
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Distinguishing Features/Others:
Numerous tattoos on both arms.
Edward Faulkner left his Sydney, NSW home on 18 June 1995 and drove to Victoria in his truck to make some deliveries. He last contacted his wife from Albury that night. At about 7.30am on 19 June, 1995 Edward was involved in a minor accident on the Hume Highway near Craigieburn VIC. His truck was later found abandoned a short distance from that location and Edward was last seen walking off towards some paddocks on the eastern side of the Hume Highway at Kalkoola on the outskirts of Melbourne. He has not been seen since. 

*Reported missing to NSW police



On June 18, 1995, Edward John Faulkner, 35, left his Sydney home to drive to Victoria. On June 19 he was involved in an accident about 7.30am on the Hume Hwy near Craigieburn. For some unknown reason he stripped off his clothing and walked through a nearby paddock. He has not been seen since. He had tattoos on both arms.


Man disappears in Craigieburn without a trace

31 Jul 12 @ 11:38am

POLICE remain baffled at a truck driver's disappearance near Craigieburn 17 years ago.

Edward John Faulkner was last seen half-clothed and running towards a paddock near the Hume Highway at Craigieburn on June 19, 1995.

He had left his wife and two young children at their Parramatta home about 6.30pm the day before en route to Hampton Park.

At 1.30am on June 19 he checked in with his employer as he travelled through Albury.

About 6.40am Mr Faulkner's 1986 silver International 'S' series prime mover was seen stopped on the highway outside the former Melbourne Motel at Craigieburn.

It's believed Mr Faulkner left his truck, walked 500m north up the highway and tried to cross the south-bound lane when he was then clipped by an oncoming car about 7am.

The driver of the vehicle stopped to help but the man ran down Rushwood Drive and into vacant paddocks.

It was the last time Mr Faulkner was seen.

He was barefoot and wearing blue shorts and a blue T-shirt.

Items of Mr Faulkner's clothing, were later found in bushes on a median strip near the collision site.

Ahead of National Missing Persons Week, police have made a fresh appeal for information on the whereabouts of Mr Faulkner.

Detective Sergeant David Rae, a member of the missing persons unit covering the case at the time, said the disappearance was "bizarre".

"Generally you are able to get to a stage where you can form a belief of what has happened to someone with some confidence and with some certainty at times, but this one is a real mystery," he said.

Police believe Mr Faulkner may have been taking his wife's prescription medication, weight loss pills Duromine, to help him keep awake.

His bank accounts have never been touched.

Mr Faulkner has several distinguishing tattoos including an eagle with "Shaz" inscribed on his left arm, a semi-naked girl and mermaid on his right arm and a blue shark on either side of his chest.

National Missing Persons Week is on until August 5.

Anyone with any information can phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 000 634.