Joanne Gaye DEASON

Missing Person: Joanne Gaye DEASON
Date of birth: 1972
Height: 160cms
Eyes: Hazel
Build: Medium
Hair: Auburn/Light Brown
Complexion: Fair
Last Seen (date & Place): 24/08/2003 Gembrook area
Tattoos/Identifying marks: N/K

On 22/08/2003 the Missing Person left a note for her boyfriend stating she was going to school and would be home in the evening. Missing person did not return home. Enquiries made show that Missing Person did not turn up at school. Missing person was taking medication for depression. She has also attempted suicide in the past by using a hose from the exhaust of her car.

Joanne Gaye Deason, born 1972, left the home she was sharing with her boyfriend in Gembrook on 22 August 2003. Saying she was going to school, Joanne never arrived. Later that day she was seen at the Knox City Medicare Office. Her vehicle was found on 12 September 2003 in the Gembrook area. She has not been seen or heard from since.  At the time of her disappearance Joanne was 160cm tall, of medium build, light auburn hair, hazel eyes and a fair complexion.

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