David McCORMACK - possibly LOCATED safe

Missing: David McCormack.

Search begins for missing camper

Posted 1 hour 35 minutes ago May 25th 2008 - ABC

A massive search will resume this morning for a camper who has failed to return from his week long trip in Victoria's west.

David McCormack was due to return from a camping trip on Friday night, after spending the week exploring the Wyperfeld National Park and the Little Desert National Park.

The 49-year-old was last seen on Tuesday morning by a park ranger when he checked in to inquire about camping sites.

Police say he was prepared to camp for the week but say it is not in his character to be late or not to check with his family.

Search and rescue teams along with the air wing and local units from Nhill, Dimboola, Rainbow and Hopetoun began searching the area yesterday.

Two Australian Search and Rescue planes will join the search party about 8:00am (AEST).

Police hope they have found missing man

May 25, 2008 - 12:53PM - The Age

Police believe a man who failed to return from a camping trip in Western Victoria yesterday has been spotted from an aircraft.

A fixed-wing plane helping search for 49-year-old David McCormack from Sunbury in Melbourne's west, had spotted a man matching his description in the national parks area of Wyperfeld and Little Desert, about 330km west of Melbourne, police said.

He appeared to be in good condition, they said.

Police have sent cars to the area to confirm it is Mr McCormack.

He was last seen by a ranger early on Tuesday morning when he checked in to inquire about camping sites, police said.