Age when missing - 34 years

Terry Cottier has not been seen since the early hours of 10 October, 2003.

He was living with friends in Chapel Street, Cowes, Victoria and had returned home after being at the Isle of White Hotel in Cowes on Phillip Island.

It is believed that Terry left his home address on 10 October 2003 and has not been seen since.  He left behind his valuables; including his wallet and medication.

Anyone with new information or those who have previously provided information concerning the disappearance of Terry Cottier are urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or www.crimestoppers.com.au.

Missing man may have been murdered
Thursday, 1 March 2007 - ABC

Police believe a man, missing at Cowes on Phillip Island for three-and-a-half years, may have been murdered.

Terry Cottier was 34 when he went missing at Cowes in October 2003.

Valuables, including his wallet and medication were left at his house.

Police have received information the man was murdered by someone he knew and that his body was buried somewhere in the Bass Coast Shire.

Police divers will look for a murder weapon near the Cowes Pier next week.

Terry Cottier was seen arguing with people about an outstanding debt before his disappearance.

The cold case unit has been assigned to the investigation and will operate an information caravan on the island next week.

New clues to missing Phillip Island man
Wed 7 March 2007

Detectives from the Cold Case Task Force continue to piece together information regarding the suspicious disapperance of Phillip Island man Terry Cottier. 
Search and Rescue divers in the vicinity of the Cowes pier yesterday uncovered three knives while searching for clues of Terry's  disapperance.
Police are examining the knives, one described as diving knife and two as domestic-type knives.
Police would like to hear from any divers who may have found in knives in the area.
Forensic specialists are also examining the residence where 34-year-old Terry lived.

Police divers search for murder weapon
March 6, 2007 - 11:34AM

Police divers will scour waters off Victoria's Phillip Island for a possible murder weapon used to kill an invalid pensioner.

Detectives from the Cold Case taskforce believe Terry Cottier, who vanished from the island more than three years ago, was murdered by someone he knew.

Police search and rescue divers will search the waters near Cowes pier, on the north of the island, for a weapon and clues.

Officers also will staff an information caravan in the main street of Cowes, and distribute leaflets in the area in the hope someone with information will come forward.

Mr Cottier, who was 34 at the time of his disappearance, was last seen in the Cowes area on October 10, 2003, arguing with people, possibly over a debt.

He was on his way home from the Isle of Wight Hotel in Cowes, where he was a regular drinker, but had left behind valuables, his wallet and medication.

Police say they have new information that indicates someone known to Mr Cottier was involved in his disappearance.

Investigators have pieced together his final movements and say they are following several leads, including the possibility of more evidence being found near Cowes pier.

Investigators have also been told his body is buried somewhere in Bass Shire but to date have failed to find any sign of his remains.