Kellie Ann Carmichael


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Name:  Kellie Ann CARMICHAEL Sex: Female
Date of Birth: 1977    
Age when missing: 24 Height (cm): 180.0 Build: Thin
Hair Colour: Brown Eye Colour:   Complexion:  
Nationality:   Racial Appearance: Caucasian    
Circumstances - Kellie Carmichael left her home in Victoria and travelled on holiday to Katoomba in the Blue Mountains of NSW. She has not been seen since the 26th of April, 2001

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Fears Geelong woman may be victim of serial killer

November 2nd, 2009

MISSING Geelong woman Kellie Ann Carmichael may be the victim of a serial killer.

A New South Wales coroner wants police to re-open her cold case and check to see if a string of other similar disappearances are connected.

And school friends of the former Sacred Heart College student have pledged their support, offering to write to Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione and urge him to set up a special taskforce to investigate the mystery.

"I went to high school with Kellie and some friends from school would like to write to the police minister and commissioner in support of them taking on this investigation," former classmate Karina Potter wrote in an email to the Geelong Advertiser.

Another, named Sari, left a heart-felt note on a missing-persons website.

"You were a beautiful glowing young woman with a magical quality," Sari wrote.

"I think about you everyday. I have cried so many silent tears that I imagine there are none left but still they flow ... perhaps you would be married with children, maybe you would be travelling the world as we dreamed when we were young.

"Kellie at the prime of your youth an amazing young woman now disappeared without a trace.

"It has been gut wrenching without you, without the chance to have a memorial and to say our goodbyes.

"I am living like you would want me to Kellie, but always with my heart aching for your safe return."

Earlier this year NSW Deputy State Coroner Carl Milovanovich wanted police to set up a taskforce to reinvestigate a string of missing young women after learning the possible murder of Ms Carmichael was treated as a suicide for more than three years.

Ms Carmichael, 24 at the time she vanished, was last seen checking out of a lodge in the Blue Mountains on April 29, 2001.

She was due to fly home to Geelong later that day but was never seen again.

When her parents reported her missing, it was classed as a potential suicide because she had earlier been diagnosed with a mental illness.

Three years later police were given a tip-off she had been murdered but her body was never found.

Unsolved Homicide Squad head Detective Chief Inspector John Lehmann said his group of specialist cold-case detectives would review Ms Carmichael's file before making any recommendation to re-open the investigation.

"If it's recommended that we look at these in new ways to investigate the matters it becomes an active investigation," Insp Lehmann said.

"One of the first things we do once we decide to investigate with those new avenues is we notify the parents and next of kin and explain what we are doing and how we are going to do it."

He said the paperwork from the coroner was yet to make its way to his office.

Reward for information on disappearance of Kellie Ann Carmichael set at $200,000