Angela Mealing

Angela allegedly accepted a lift from an off duty police officer on the outskirts of Cairns, QLD in April 2000. 17 year old Angela's body was found six months after her disappearance, on the banks of Behana Creek, about 30km south of Cairns.
The case became one of the state's most baffling mysteries. A noose was found hanging in a tree near Ms Mealing's remains and a note had been carved in a tree saying: "I'm sorry mum be strong not your fault".
Her family refused to believe she committed suicide and police initially cautioned that the scene could have been staged.
On the night of her disappearance, Ms Mealing had been assaulted by three girls at a party and later by a male youth.
She was walking toward her home in a distressed state on the outskirts of the city when Deemal, a constable, said he picked her up.
Deemal later told investigators he dropped her off at her request at Gordonvale, 25km south of Cairns.
He was dismissed from the police service for making conflicting statements about the night Ms Mealing disappeared.
A coroner could not establish how Ms Mealing had died, because of the decomposed state of her remains, but was not satisfied she had died from hanging.