About me...........

My name is Nicole Morris and I have been running the Register for almost 10 years.

I'm not an Investigator, I'm not affiliated with any law enforcement organisation, I don't work for anyone at all.

I am just an ordinary person like you. I truly care about the missing. I would encourage you to care about them too, to read the stories and look at  the photos and try to recall if you have seen any of these people.

Please note I DO NOT investigate any missing persons cases at all. I am neither trained nor licensed to do that. My role is provide information through these pages, and emotional and informational support to the friends and families.


There are certain people I am indebted to for their help and support of my work -

Jenny, Sam, Maree, Vicki, Laura - Constant support and assistance.

Mell, April, Sarah, - Thank you for your valuable Family Tracing work !

Detective Sergeant Stephen Page - no longer with NSW Police but the memory of what you did in not letting several missing persons be forgotten, will never be forgotten. I have never met nor spoken to you, but you are a great man. On behalf of those who can't say thank you, accept this thanks from me.

Many years ago when I was a teenager I corresponded with the late Anne Marie Mykyta, mother of Juliet Mykyta who was one of the girls murdered in Truro, South Australia in the late 1970's. Anne Marie said the worst part was the "not knowing" what had happened to her beautiful daughter. If I can help one family by finding out where their loved one is, then I'll have done a good thing. This site is dedicated to Juliet Mykyta, (below, left) may you never be forgotten.


Also dedicated to Norah, Ellen and Michael Murphy (above right), who were brutally murdered near Gatton in 1898. Their killer was never found. Somebody, somewhere always knows something.