Aaron James FLYNN

  Missing man Aaron Flynn with his former partner, Julia Varinelli.Caloundra resident Aaron FlynnMissing Sunshine Coast man Aaron Flynn




Name: Aaron James Flynn
Last seen: 11 November 2016
Year of Birth: 1987
Sex: Male
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Height: 181cm
Build: Proportionate
Complexion: Fair


Circumstances: (insert a brief history)



29-year-old Aaron Flynn was last seen leaving an address on Keilambete Road on Friday 11 November 2016 in a black Volvo Station Wagon with Queensland registration 588 HBL.  On 17 November 2016 this vehicle was located near Rubyvale QLD however Aaron has not been seen or made contact anyone since. Police hold concerns as his behaviour is out of character.

UPDATE: Searchers find missing man's car

UPDATE 12:45PM: Police are coordinating a land and air search for missing 29-year-old man Aaron Flynn.

Mr Flynn's vehicle was located this morning by a member of the public in bushland just off the roadway on Rubyvale Road.  A number of his personal belongings were located inside the vehicle.

Police and SES are currently searching bushland in the vicinity where the car was found with searchers on foot, in vehicles and in the air using a helicopter.

Police continue to appeal to the public for any information that may assist in locating Aaron.

UPDATE FRIDAY 9.30AM: A QUEENSLAND Police spokesman has confirmed a massive land and air search has been launched for missing man Aaron Flynn. 

The spokesman said police and State Emergency Service (SES) crews were scouring a section of bushland in the Rubyvale area today. 

Anyone who has seen Mr Flynn is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. 

UPDATE FRIDAY 9AM: EMERGENCY services are searching from the air and on the ground for missing man Aaron Flynn, 29, who has not been since last Friday. 

The RACQ Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service's Rescue 300 this morning joined the search for Mr Flynn, who was last travelling in a black Volvo station wagon with registration 588 HBL. 

Anyone who has seen Mr Flynn is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. 


INITIAL: POLICE are searching for a man reported missing from a Central Queensland town.

Aaron Flynn, 29, was last seen leaving an address on Keilambete Rd, Rubyvale, on Friday, November 11.

He was travelling in a black Volvo station wagon with Queensland registration 588 HBL.

Police say Mr Flynn hasn't been seen or made contact with anyone since this time.

There are concerns for his welfare as this behaviour is described as being out of character.

He is Caucasian, about 180cm tall with a proportionate build and brown hair.

Anyone who has seen Mr Flynn is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Desperate family hires helicopter to search for Aaron

BREAKING: Aaron Flynn's desperate family has hired a private helicopter to extend the search for the missing Caloundra man.

Aaron's sister, Renee Napthali said police had called off the helicopter search as it was more than a week since he disappeared near Rubyvale, north west of Emerald last Friday, November 11.

He was travelling from the Coast to Charters Tower to attend his uncle's funeral, but was believed to have run out of fuel near Rubyvale.

He was last seen walking with a jerry can along the road.

Ms Napthali praised police and rescue crews for their efforts to find her brother on the weekend before calling it off, but said the family was not willing to give up hope.

"Police followed protocol, they conducted a search for two days. They used the RACQ helicopter in a 15 kilometre radius.

"We feel this was a small area when you are talking two towns that are 150kms apart.

"We understand (the helicopter) costs a lot for the state. Police did a great job for the first couple of days.

"They had to call it off at some point.

"But we are not giving up."

The family has not set up a Gofundme page to help raise the $900 an hour it will cost for a private helicopter.

"We like to keep Gofundme for families that are struggling, who have sick children.

"Frankly, money is the last thing on my mind.

"We have a family member that is missing, we don't care what it costs, we will exhaust every option to find him."

A witness saw Aaron, 29, walking along the road with a jerry can.

He had been driving up to Charters Towers as "my dad's younger brother passed away".

"It hasn't been a good few weeks for the family," Ms Napthali said.

They also found evidence Aaron had eaten before heading off with the jerry can.

"It's obvious he had a sleep in the car, woke up and had breakfast," Ms Napthali said

"He was thinking rationally. He waited for sunlight then got the esky and the jerry can and set off along the road.

"After that, we don't know what happened.

"It's hot, it's a big country. We have to widen our search.

"We have got to find something."

If you have any information please contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


Search for Sunshine Coast man Aaron Flynn, missing in central Queensland

THE family of a Sunshine Coast father of one who vanished without a trace have been desperately combing central Queensland looking for him after police called off the official search.

Aaron Flynn, 29, of Caloundra was last heard from on Friday, November 11, when he sent his two-year-old daughter a text goodnight as he made his way to Charters Towers for a family funeral.

He was spotted the next day walking along the road from Rubyvale with a jerry can in his hand.

But despite an extensive police, SES and community search, he’s not been seen.

Police called off the search, saying expert advice was Mr Flynn could not have survived that long in the bush with little water and temperatures topping 40C.

But Mr Flynn’s sister Renee Napthali and other family members hired a helicopter to continue the search. Today they were searching between Charters Towers, Capell, Rubyvale and further east, and drove from town to town putting up missing posters and appealing for information to find the missing dad.

Inspector Dave Peff today appealed for anyone with information to come forward, and said officers were continuing an “electronic” search for Mr Flynn including bank accounts and other movements, though the search-and-rescue mission had ended.

He said police hoped Mr Flynn had been picked up by someone as he walked along the road away from his car, a Volvo, found on November 18.

“The reason we stopped that search was based on survivability,” Insp Peff said.

“A person leaving that position on foot, given the heat and the amount of water, it’s believed from expert advice it wasn’t survivable.”

He said Mr Flynn was last seen walking along the road beyond Rubyvale carrying a jerry can on November 12.

Mrs Napthali said the family had been upset when the official search was called off, but a day scouring the arid country from the air had failed to find even a trace of her brother.

She said they were clinging to hope her brother, who had lived in the area in the past, had been picked up along the road and was not in the bush.

“We are confident he is not out there — it’s such a vast land,” Mrs Napthali said.

“We’ve got to hope someone’s picked him up and given him a lift.”

Mrs Napthali said the family had hired a helicopter and checked all along the roads and waterholes yesterday.

“We got down low, went around all the waterholes and checked all those for footprints,” she said.


“We’ve done really detailed searches.

“There’s just no traces.”

Mrs Napthali said her brother had recently separated from his partner but “there’s no way he would leave his little girl”.

Anyone with information can phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or online

No way missing man could survive conditions

WHILE the family of missing man Aaron Flynn hold onto hope he will be found, Queensland Police Service have determined the conditions were "not survivable".

The 29-year-old Caloundra man disappeared in Rubyvale, Central Queensland on November 11 as he travelled from the Sunshine Coast to Charters Towers for his uncle's funeral.

Today, Rockhampton Police Inspector Dave Peff said the physical search was terminated on Friday, pending further information.

He said there were plenty of questions left unanswered and urged the public to come forward with any "gem" or "missing piece of the puzzle" which may help police locate him.

"I want to assure the community and the family that we have not given up on this, we are following leads and anything that comes up we will certainly run that out," Insp Peff said.


Aaron was last seen walking with a jerry can along the road on Friday, November 11, but police were first advised he was missing on Wednesday, November 16.

That evening, QPS located Aaron's black Volvo station wagon abandoned and launched the full-scale land and helicopter search of about 50km sq of "difficult terrain" in hot conditions from Thursday, November 17.

"At this time we are exploring the possibility that he's left his vehicle and walked off from that vehicle," Insp Peff said.

"The difficulty is we don't know in which direction, so it makes it quite a large area to search.

"What I can say is there's been no contact obviously from him and we certainly have no other means of ascertaining his whereabouts since he's left that vehicle."

Yesterday, Aaron's desperate family hired a private helicopter to extend the search and praised the police and volunteers for their help.

Insp Peff said he absolutely understood the family's actions and explained police had conducted a systematic search "very much structured around survivability".

"And structured around the distance that person would reasonably expect to travel in a known time and then we obviously run in a bit of extra distance on top of that," Insp Peff said.

"That's been done, but I do absolutely understand the family's motivation to try and find him and I understand why they're doing what they are doing.

"The reason we have stopped the physical search was based on survivability; now I want to be clear that doesn't mean we say that he hasn't survived, but under the circumstances and the area we were searching, survivability was determined to be zero.

"So that doesn't mean that he hasn't been picked up by someone or hasn't managed to get a lift, what it means is a person leaving that position on foot over that period of time given the heat and the conditions that existed at the time and the amount of water it's believed from expert advice that it wasn't survivable."

Insp Peff implored the community contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or contact your local police.


Beautiful message to Aaron Flynn will break your heart

IT'S been 12 long, hot days since anyone last saw or heard from missing Caloundra man Aaron Flynn.

Police have called of the aerial search, acknowledging the chances of him having survived alone in the harsh Australian outback for this lengthy period are zero.

But his family refuses to give up hope and the search for their beloved son, brother, friend and father continues.

His former partner and mother of his daughter, Julia Varanelli, has posted a poignant message on Facebook for Aaron.

"Please come home Aaron,

Your mums heart is breaking.

Please come home Aaron,

Your sisters hands are shaking.

Please come home Aaron,

Your best friend is a mess.

Please come home Aaron,

I feel sick in my chest.

Please come home Aaron,

Your family & friends are in fear.

Please come home Aaron,

Your dads holding back the tears.

Please come home Aaron,

Our little girl needs you.

Please come home Aaron

She's a daddy's girl through & through.

Please come home Aaron,

Where did you go and where too?

Please come home Aaron,

We all love you."

Aaron's sister Renee Napthali has finally travelled to what was meant to be Aaron's scheduled destination, Charters Towers.

Aaron had left the Sunshine Coast to travel to Charters Towers to attend his uncle's funeral.

He sent his two-year-old daughter a text goodnight on November 11 when he was on the road.

The next day he was seen walking along the road towards the small town of Rubyvale, holding a jerry can and an esky.

His abandoned car has been found with clear evidence he had run out fuel and the appearance he had breakfast before heading out.

Renee said the family hadn't told Aaron's dad of his disappearance until after he had laid his younger brother to rest.

"We didn't let him know until the night the funeral was over," Renee said.

"We wanted to get through that."

Aaron's little daughter was staying with other family, unaware daddy was missing, while his sister, ex-partner and best friend hired a private helicopter to extend the search for him on Monday.

Unfortunately, this extensive air search also didn't yield any clues as to Aaron's whereabouts.

"We have no news at the moment," Renee said.

"We had a potential sighting, but it turned out to be someone else."

Renee set out at 5am again yesterday and spent the day driving, covering around 15,500 km with Aaron'sfriends "sharing memories of the life we have all shared of you".

She wrote on Facebook last night that she had been through CCTV footage and "handed out 100s of posters".

"I'm following my gut and my instinct everywhere I go just as you taught me, but no sign of you," she said.

"I'll always be here and I'll always look for a sign. I promise I will never give up, I know you wouldn't for me."

If anyone has any information on Aaron Flynn's whereabouts, please contact Crime Stoppers on 1300 333 000.



Search for missing Sunshine Coast dad Aaron Flynn

THE family of missing dad Aaron Flynn have enlisted an Aboriginal tracker to help them search for the Sunshine Coast man who vanished without trace in the blistering central Queensland gemfields.

They hope the tracker and 25 SES volunteers, who will tomorrow search a final parcel of land, will uncover clues to the whereabouts of Mr Flynn, 29, who was last heard from on November 11 when he sent his two-year-old daughter a text goodnight as he made his way to Charters Towers near Townsville for a family funeral.


He was spotted the next day walking along the road from Rubyvale with a jerry can in his hand.

Despite an extensive police, SES and community search, he’s not been seen since.

Police called off the search, saying expert advice was Mr Flynn could not have survived the more than a week he’s been missing if he was still in the bush where there’s little water and temperatures have topped 40C.

Family members hired a helicopter to continue the search for Mr Flynn but his sister Renee Napthali said they failed to find a trace of him.

Now the family have turned to hiring an Aboriginal tracker and hoping a final search by the SES of land they could not access will help them find Mr Flynn.

The family have already wallpapered central Queensland shops and truck stops with posters appealing for information and spent the last week checking CCTV along major routes of any clues he had passed that way.

She has also contacted Mt Isa police about using a specially-trained sniffer dog who can detect dead bodies, but hoped that was a last resort.


“We need to bring him home,” Mrs Napthali said.

Anyone with information can phone Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000 or at crimestoppers.com.au, or contact the family through Facebook.



Fundraiser in honour of missing man


NOT quite a year ago, 29-year-old father Aaron Flynn went missing and he has never been found.

It would have been his 30th birthday this month.

He disappeared on his way to his uncle's funeral after his car, a black Volvo station wagon, ran out of petrol near Rubyvale as he made the 1300km trip from Caloundra to Charters Towers.

Heartbreakingly for his friends and family, including his now three-year-old daughter, very little is known about Aaron's fate.

His wallet, with money still in it, phone and clothes were in the car when it was found the week after he vanished.

It is believed he left the car, taking his jerry can and Esky to get fuel and water from Rubyvale, a 10km hike away.

A young mother driving to a swimming carnival with her children saw Aaron walking along the side of the road about 6.30am on November 12. That was the last sighting of him.

To mark his birthday and honour her son and his love of fishing, Aaron's mother has kicked off a fundraising tribute and will donate the money to a cause she knows he would be enthusiastic about - fishing trips for people with disabilities.

Roz Flynn this week stoically set up the fundraiser on the Sport and Leisure for the Handicapped Association Inc. (Caloundra) Facebook page, where people can make donations.

On her personal Facebook page, she has already gained the support of more than 2000 followers after writing a song for her son and posting a photo gallery of his life.

"Aaron's greatest passion was fishing and in his memory, with his father Merv and sister Renée, we are sponsoring Sport and Leisure for the Handicapped,” Mrs Flynn said.

"I met these two wonderful men who take handicapped people out fishing and it's hard for them to get sponsorship.

"They get a few volunteers, but mostly it's just the two of them - that's a big call. They've got a boat but they need a different type of boat to accommodate wheelchairs.”

Mrs Flynn said she wanted to sponsor the men and their efforts in Aaron's memory.

"We have asked everybody in Aaron's memory to donate to this fishing group,” she said.

"We want to try and do something positive. It never will bring him back, but nothing will and we want to give other people the experience of something that he loved dearly.”

Mrs Flynn said it had been Missing Persons Week earlier this month, from August 5-11, and it was an ideal time to highlight the importance of the hope and despair experienced by families and friends of missing people as they searched for clues about the whereabouts of their loved ones.

She said while she continued to hope, she didn't believe Aaron would be found alive.

"That's the hardest thing, not having any answers,” Mrs Flynn said.

"It's the worst nightmare any parent could ever imagine.”

By focusing their attention on a good cause, Mrs Flynn wanted Aaron's friends and family to be able to think of him in a positive way.

"We haven't got a body to bury, we haven't got a grave and we haven't got closure - we haven't got anything,” she said.

"We need to do something. And we also need to do it for Aaron's daughter.

"We went out fishing on his birthday because that's what he loved to do.

"And we want to see other people less able than us to be able to experience the joy of fishing. Being out on the water and being able to experience the water is very healing.”

Immediately after Aaron's car was found in bushland just off the roadway on Rubyvale Rd on November 17, police and the SES launched an air and land search.

His sister worked with an Aboriginal tracker in rugged bushland at the Gemfields and the family hired a private helicopter to join the search, but no new leads have been found.

"We can't have a funeral or memorial,” she said.

"There is nothing we can do but perhaps we can take on this cause in his memory.

"This will be a positive legacy for our son.”

Donations to honour Aaron Flynn can be made to Sport and Leisure for the Handicapped Assoc. Inc. (Caloundra) via their Facebook page.