Dad's remains found after car broke down on 40 degree day

The identification brings the three-year long search to a tragic end - by 

Mr Flynn's car had run out of fuel as he drove to a funeral

Australian Missing Persons Register

Remains found in north Queensland have been identified as a 29-year-old father who had been missing since 2016.




Aaron James Flynn vanished on his way to his uncle's funeral on November 12, 2016, after his station wagon ran out fuel 10km north of Rubyvale.

He was seen carrying a red jerry can and a blue esky as he walked back towards the town the next morning, but there were no further sightings of him.

Around the time he vanished temperatures topped 40 degrees centigrade and were described as 'blistering.'

Then on July 13 this year, a young girl riding a found a skull on a dried creek bed 6km away.

Australian Missing Persons Register
Australian Missing Persons Register

The esky and a pair of board shorts were found close to his remains, which were found spread around the creek bed.

On Monday, dental records confirmed the remains belonged to Mr Flynn.

Speaking to the MailOnline, Mr Flynn's sister Renee Napthali said although they had grieved for Mr Flynn since his disappearance, the news had hit his family hard.
'Many people held out hope he was still alive, but we knew in our hearts he would never have left his little girl and family,' she said.