Australian Missing Persons Register wristbands!



Now available!

Wristbands are made from white silicone and are printed with the AMPR logo. Bands will fit children and most adults as they are stretchy. Band diameter approx. 7cm.

$2 each including postage within Australia. Click the button below to order and pay via Paypal.


PLEASE NOTE - the system will only allow you to purchase one at a time but feel free to order as many as you like, they're $2 each including postage so if you want to order more than one you can work out the price for the number of bands you want and send that amount through using the Donation button here -

Just include a note when you send it that you would like WRISTBANDS. Thanks!


Wristband payments can also be made into the Australian Missing Persons Register Incorporated National Australia Bank account, please email for bank details -


100% of sales go to Australian Missing Persons Register Incorporated, a not for profit association assisting the families and friends of the missing. Funds go towards helping families during their search, eg printing and distributing posters, providing phone assistance, producing literature to assist families when a loved one goes missing and various projects, for example the Terry Floyd Mine Search. AMPR recently made a large donation towards this fund. Another project AMPR is hoping to help fund is GPS technology to assist with the quick location of the elderly with dementia who go missing.





AMPR has never taken payment from any loved one of a missing person, and never will. However I am often asked if I will accept donations from the general public or corporate world.

Australian Missing Persons Register Incorporated is a public benevolent institution deductible gift recipient endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office. If you wish to support the work AMPR does there is a donation button below, thank you very much for any contribution. All donations over $2 are tax deductible, please print out and keep your receipt.

AMPR does not charge any fees to any person needing assistance from the Association and there are no fees to join the Association. All Association accounts are submitted annually to the QLD government.

I believe in spending AMPR funds where it's needed, on things like phone calls to the families and assisting with searches and I still fund a lot of the administration costs like Internet fees myself. There are no fancy shopping carts on the website, as I don't think your funds should pay for that software, so please forgive me for keeping it as simple as I can :)

Thank you so much, on behalf of all the families and friends of missing persons.

Nicole Morris - Director of AMPR

President and founder of Australian Missing Persons Register Incorporated

Australian Missing Persons Register Incorporated ABN - 65 753 939 849